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Adding Subtle Bass FX with SoundToys EchoBoy

What’s up guys. This is Jon from Mix Notes. I’ve got a new video for you, and I wanted to spend some time talking about something I haven’t really talked about a whole lot on the channel.

It’s sort of a technique that’s kind of new to me, but not really new in general. I’m talking about bass parts and chorus effects. I’m going to be using EchoBoy, but there’s a lot of different options.

So anyways, I’m going to play a chunk of the track, and the effect kicks in in the chorus, just in case you’re wondering, and then we’ll get into what we’re talking about. So here we go.


Alright. So that’s the track. Kind of a pop thing. Big, huge, string orchestra stuff going on down here.

So, I’ve got this sub bass part. It sounds like this. This is with the effect and everything on it.


Pretty stock. It came to me like this.

[bass, stock]

Added a VoG Voice of God. The settings look like this.

[bass with VoG]

Gives us a lot more bottom end.

Then I have EchoBoy on it. Adding chorus on the bass, especially in the chorus — chorus in the chorus is a great way to add a lot of contrast to — it’s a really subtle way to add contrast. So if you automate it to kick on in the chorus, if you have a track jump like I have here, there’s a lot of width that kind of comes in with it. I’ll show you the settings we have going on right here.

It’s a preset in EchoBoy that I’ve tweaked a little bit. Just check it out. I’ll bypass this on and off and you can listen to it.

[bass with and without EchoBoy]


So here it is in the track. I’ll bypass it. It’s going to be really subtle, and it’s pretty low, so you probably want to be on headphones or monitors.


To me, it just gives you that extra width you’re looking for when a chorus kicks in. It’s like, one small step to getting that extra width, and if you check it out, like, we’ve got — the style is this digital chorus. We have the saturation cranked. Feedback is at about 11 o’clock. I have the mix down the centerish, and then the width is kind of like, where the magic happens with it.

[bass with EchoBoy]

I’ll make it all the way wet.

[bass with EchoBoy 100% wet]

Just adds a little bit of width. It’s nothing super crazy, just a small little thing you can try out. There’s a lot of chorus plug-ins. There’s the UAD Roland pedal is cool. I forget the actual plug-in, the model number of it. You can try any stock chorus plug-in in whatever DAW you have you’ll be working on.

It’s cool. Also chorus settings on these synth basses, if you’re programming it, if you’re a producer, maybe track jump it, and on the chorus parts, print a little chorus on the effect. Then it’ll help.

But anyways, yeah, I’ll play this one more time and bypass it on and off. You guys can check it out.

[mix with and without bass chorus]

And that’s it! If you haven’t heard it, don’t worry. Throw some headphones on. It’s a really subtle thing. It’s nothing super black and white. It’s just another one millionth of a fraction to get you farther down the line. It’s something I’m still playing with. Valhalla makes a really cool chorusy kind of plug-in. It’s a big Serb and Guinea thing. He does chorus on the bass all of the time in his mixes.

So if you’re a fan of Serbin’s, check this out. It’s a thing he does quite a bit. Also wanted to hip you guys to a new premium tutorial I’ve put together here with The Pro Audio Files and all of my friends over there. It’s two hours long, super in depth. You get all of my settings. There’s screenshots of stuff in the files as well, and plus you get a sampler from Woodshed Audio, the sample company.

So a bunch of samples, two hours of me mixing a pop tune top to bottom. Check it out. I think you’ll really get a lot out of this. It’s way more in depth than anything else I have on the website, so if you’re looking for more advanced stuff, you definitely want to check these out. I’m planning on doing a handful more of these as well with these guys.

So check this out if you’re looking to learn more.

That’s all I’ve got! I’ll see you guys in the next video. See ya.




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