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Review: PSP L’otary — Rotary Speaker Emulation

PSP L'otary Review — Rotary Speaker Emulation
PSP L'otary Review — Rotary Speaker Emulation
Hey, everyone. Mark Marshall here from and

Today, I’m going to be demoing PSPaudioware’s new plug-in called “L’otary.”

Now, this is a Leslie emulation plug-in. I’ve used several over the years and haven’t been completely satisfied. I feel like often, they are just over-exaggerated chorus plug-ins. 

PSPaudioware has done something really special here, and they have really managed to capture the true essence of miking a real Leslie cabinet, and they’ve given you a lot of controls to fine tune your sound.

I’m going to play some examples that I recorded for you here. Now, I used a Stratocaster into a Princeton Reverb with a Cascade Fathead II ribbon mic that was about an inch out from the center of the grille.

Now, the dry tone is going to sound like this. This first example is definitely in the style of some Beatles and Blind Faith. That’s some of my first introductions to those effects.

Here’s the dry signal.

[guitar plays]

I’m going to put in the plug-in now.


[guitar plays, with Leslie emulation]

You’ll notice that when we turn the effect on that there was a little bit more air that was added to the sound on top of the warble from the spinning rotor and drum.

For this next example, I used a Les Paul and was doing a more melodic thing with a little bit more gain coming from the amp. I wanted to give you a good example of what using the L’otary in this sort of situation would sound like.

Let’s listen to the sound with no L’otary on it.


Let’s add in the effect now.

[guitar plays, with Leslie emulation]

For this last example, I wanted to do something a little less conventional. So, I recorded an acoustic guitar much like in the style of the late 60’s, early 70’s Led Zeppelin, up to mid-70’s Cat Stevens, and then I created a couple of sends. So, one of the sends is going to a PSP Springbox, which is a spring reverb, and the other one is going to the L’otary.

I was just kind of tucking the L’otary Leslie effect under the acoustic guitar. It creates a really cool sound.

Let’s listen to just the dry acoustic first.

[acoustic guitar]

I’m going to add in the reverb now.

[acoustic guitar playing with reverb]

Now, we’re going to add in the L’otary.

[acoustic plays with all effects]


Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall is a producer, songwriter, session musician and instructor based in NYC. More at