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Pro Tip #2 – Open Up Your Drums

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to another video here.

In this one, I want to talk about EQing on the drum buss, specifically the top end. I have a track, it sounds like this.


Right. I get a lot of questions. People ask me about mixing drums, opening up the top end, getting things wider, bringing air into tracks. This tip is going to help you out with that.

I have this Summit Audio channel strip from Softube on my drum buss right here, and 10kHz tends to be the magic frequency. I had this boosted three. Whatever three is on this equalizer section. If you look at the bottom right hand side here, it’s a shelf.

Let me cut it in and out and you can kind of hear what it does when I solo the drums.


Makes a pretty big difference. Things get a little wider, things get more open, they don’t sound quite as closed off, you know. Quite as muddy.



Here it is in the track.


Really quick, really simple. One tiny little move in a giant big puzzle. A machine that gets this thing going.

10kHz tends to be the magic frequency. You can also try 8kHz. Again, these are beats that have kind of been slapped together to make a track. This also works on acoustic drums as well. Try it out. You don’t have to use this plug-in, you can use a Pultec.

Grab 8kHz, grab 10kHz, boost. You can also use a Maag EQ. Boost 10kHz there. You can also use a regular stock EQ. Grab a shelf, throw it at 10kHz, crank it five, six, three dB, whatever, and we’ll hear what it does.

Hope this helps. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already, we do new videos every week. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, all of the links are down below. Hope you guys have a great holiday season, and I will see you in the new year. Later guys, bye.




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