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Plugin Breakdown: Altiverb 7 from Audio Ease

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. In this one we’re going to talk about reverbs, specifically Altiverb 7, which I’ve been checking out for the past two or three days.

It’s pretty new to me, and I dig it, and so I thought I’d share a little bit about it with you guys.

So I’ve got a track. I’ve got it on a vocal. What you’re going to hear now is my typical plate, which is the EMT 140 with a little bit of EQ from UAD. So I’ll play this, and then we’ll get into Altiverb and kind of look at that. So here we go.


So this is Altiverb 7. It’s a reverb plug-in from the guys over at Audio Ease, and it’s built around impulse responses.

So basically, they’ve gone to all of these rooms and modeled all of these hardware reverbs and stuff, and sort of created impulse responses from sine waves, and there’s a bunch of smart guy stuff that goes into that, but anyways.

So you just kind of load these things up. Currently, I’ve got an EMT 140 on it with 2.6 — 2.4 seconds of delay. It’s a medium. There’s also a short and a long they sampled. Let’s just listen to it and then we’ll go more into the plug-in and the controls and all of that.


Super warm, super wide, super fat and smooth. I dig it.

So when you load it up, it looks like this. You get some reverb time controls, which you can control. The samples default here at 100%, so…


That’s the decay, but you can bring it down yourself.


Right, you’ve got in, out, a mix knob as well so you can throw it on an actual channel and just do the mixing. Bass, treble, and then the cool thing is I like the feature that you can sync this — your predelay to like, eighth notes, sixteenths whatever you want here, and then you can adjust the attack of the reverb here as well.

It’s not overly complicated. Basically click here, it pulls up this browser where you can load all of your impulses. If we go home, this is the home menu, and you’ve got concert halls… This is great for post, so houses, cars, aircraft, there’s all kinds of stuff.

We’ll go to stadiums and let’s go to Wembley.




Pretty crazy. Concert hall. Um, what do we got. Sydney Opera House.

[vocals with Sydney Opera House]

Right. A lot of different spaces. Even like, live venue stuff, which would be great for live mixing.

[vocals with venue]

Right? Then studio, which is great. So we’ve got some Nashville studios in here. Let’s check those out. Sound Kitchen is a great room.

[vocals with Sound Kitchen]

Here’s a live room.


[vocals with live room]

This is Sound on Sound, sorry.

[vocals with Sound on Sound]

Sound Kitchen — I guess there’s a live room?

[vocals with Sound Kitchen]


[vocals with Omnisound]

Tracking room, the stone room sounds cool…

[vocals with stone room]

Westlake Studio D. That’s a great room.

[vocals with Westlake Studio D]

So that’s that. Then they’ve got all of the gear here. So you have this AMS reverb is incredible, so we’ll go to plate here.

[vocals with AMS plate]

The EMT 140.

[vocals with EMT 140]

Lexicon 480. That’s a classic unit.

[vocals with Lexicon 480]

Vocal plate.

[vocals with Lexicon vocal plate]

Got some spring reverbs, which those are always hard to find good ones in the box.

[vocals with spring reverb]

Anyways, in the track…


Anyways, that’s Altiverb. It’s from the guys at Audio Ease. Check them out. I’m going to put links below. Demo this thing. I think it’s great. I’ve never really been into impulse responses before, but he won me over with this plug-in. I’m probably going to be using it a lot here in the future.

So check it out — So check it out for yourself. Thanks for watching. Hit me up with any questions. Like us on Facebook, subscribe if you aren’t subscribed. Thanks for the support, and I’m looking forward to more videos.

Thanks a lot guys. See you in the next one.




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