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Tips for Mixing Synth Bass Around an 808

Mixing Synth Bass with 808 Kick Drums
Mixing Synth Bass with 808 Kick Drums
Hey guys, David of, and

I’ve got another one continuing with the song Ruge from Redimi2 and I’m kind of stoked, I did a walkthrough on the 808, now I’m gonna take you through the bass and show you how — the bass didn’t have a lot of sub content, but how I got it out of the way of the 808 and still was able to allow it be in the track featured. A lot of times if they send me a bass and an 808, I’ll go ahead and just mute one or the other as per the section and how they’re working or in this case I did something a little bit different so I want to show you that. So we’re gonna solo the 808. The punch kick clarity kind of that I added to the 808 and then the synth bass. This is before any processing.

[808 kick drum + synth bass before processing]

Synth bass by itself.

[synth bass]


No real sub content. I didn’t want to add sub content with RBass or low bass or any of those plugs, because I already had the 808 and it was tuned. It’s got the pitch to it. I didn’t want anything to clash or create more of a mess than I needed to there. What I did want to do is just get it out of the way even more. First up, just the Slate VCC coming through the Blue Cat’s PatchWork. That’s just kind of hitting it at a moderate level. What I did was first up I put the Ozone imager that you get with Ozone 5 Advanced, now I think you can still use this if you have Ozone 5, the standard version, but you have to pull up the whole module itself and so Ozone 5 Advanced is awesome because it gives you the ability to use the individual modules as individual plugins. But any imager will work. You can see here I’m pretty much pushing, what, 50, 45, I’m pretty much pushing everything to the sides with this. If you got the S1 or you’ve got the plugin alliance, those kinds of things, those will work great for this as well.

[synth Bass before/after Ozone 5 Stereo Imager]

So you can feel it, just kind of take that rewind, play it back a couple of times and you’ll see how it’s just kind of throwing things wide. It’s actually even boosting the upper mids, the treble a bit.

Next up is the Pro-Q in M-S mode. This is a stereo synth bass and I’m taking this FabFilter Pro-Q in mid-side mode. I highly recommend going grabbing Pro-Q 2, this came out, Pro-Q 2 came out after I mixed this song but you’ll see Pro-Q 2 in pretty much every video I do from now on. It’s a beast. But this works, Pro-Q and then you’ve got your mid-side EQs, other brands that work well. This is more about the concept.

[synth bass before FabFilter Pro-Q in mid-side mode]

What I did is a put a high pass filter on the mid channel so the mids are everything below 462.56 Hz is gone. And then everything on the sides is gone below 30 or so. Then I’ve also done a high, a low shelf boost at 87 to kind of increase the lows a little bit there. That’s just on the side channel. When you see the S that’s for the side, you see the M that’s for the mid. And it’s only affecting the mids for M and the S is sides. So independent control within the same EQ.

Let’s show you what this sounds like without the mid and hit play.

[synth bass with and without mid channel on FabFilter Pro-Q EQ]

Just like that you’ve got your bass that’s fitting much better with the 808, let’s take a listen before and after one more time.

[synth bass + 808 kick drum]

And there you have it. My thought process on how to get the 808 to be full and the synth bass to kind of wrap around it on the sides without too much subs but still with a little bit of meat to it. Hope you enjoyed that., and Send your emails to and I can’t wait to continue to make these if you keep watching them, so thanks again guys.


David Glenn

David Glenn is a producer/engineer/musician based out of Orlando, FL. Credits include: Pablo Villatoro, Blanca Callahan (Group 1 Crew), Aimee Allen, and more. Learn more and get in touch at