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Mixing Rap Vocals With Waves Doubler Plugin

Hey guys, what’s up? I’ve got a new video for you this week.

I wanted to take a look at a little vocal production thing utilizing the doubler plug-in from Waves Audio.

I’ve got a track here, it’s a Hip Hop thing, and it sounds like this. You’ll hear the effect kick in in a couple of bars on the lead vocal.


So basically what we’re using the Doubler for is to get some width and just kind of make things sound a little more interesting on this little chorus section, this main kind of hook-y thing.

Really all we’re doing is automating the send, which is in mute. If you look here — let’s break down how the effect is actually setup. So we’re using this send straight down to this doubler track. Here’s the doubler plug-in.

I basically used this Dave Pensado preset that comes — you can download this from the Waves website — if you come here to Dave Pensado, it’s just this Pensado doubler, but I modified it a little bit.

With his preset, it has this direct channel in. I just muted it so all you’re really hearing is the two doubled part.

Then just a quick run down of the settings, they’re both set at minus seven on the gain, they’re panned 45 in each direction, one is delayed five, the other is delayed ten, so you get some variation.

Same with feedback, you’ve got eight and nine, as you can see. Then they’re detuned minus five cents and plus five cents on either side.


Then I kind of — you can play with the EQ to get a little more top end on it so you can hear it a little better, it cuts through. Or you can dull it down, however you want to do it. Again, really subjective stuff.

After that, just to get some more width out of it, I used Waves Imager plug-in and just cranked the width on it.

Let me isolate this vocal so you can see what I’m talking about here.


I like using the doubler on an aux, because I can then kind of use that fader on that aux channel to like, really layer it in.


So as you can see, you can make it as subtle or as saturated as you like.

You can also drop an EQ before the doubler, and so you can filter out the vocal going into it, you can put something like the Manny Marroquin distortion plug-in on there and distort it, you can put some kind of automate panning on it too, and get some crazy movement going on. There’s a billion different things you can do with it. I just thought I’d show you a quick idea that may spark some inspiration for you.

So take this, try it out on your own, and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks, guys.




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