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Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Snoop Teaser

So that’s practical uses for multiband compression, let’s start looking at creative use it. One really cool way to use multiband compression, which I think is like totally out of this world and what real mixing is about: You can use multiband compression to make, in this particular example, to make Snoop Dogg’s vocal Snoopier.

There are tonal properties of everyone’s voice that identify their voice as theirs. And certain tonal properties if they’re pronounced, really bring out that character. Snoop has a certain front of face nose sound to his voice that makes him unquestionably and easily identifiably Snoop Dogg.

We’re gonna find that frequency band. I’m gonna turn off the analyzer for this.

[snoop rap vocal + FabFilter Pro-MB multiband compressor plugin]

Here’s the give away. If you heard only that frequency band, you would still think that kind of sounds like Snoop Dogg. That’s the give away. So another words, this band here.

[vocal + solo frequency band]


You could guess that that’s maybe Snoop Dogg, but this band here, that’s Snoop Dogg. Let’s narrow that up a little bit.

[rap vocal playback]

That tone can become very honky and annoying if it’s too pronounced in a mix. So just by boosting it up we might end up losing something. If I turn the range here to zero and just do a boost, let’s hear how that sounds.

[rap vocal]

It doesn’t sound bad, but it sounds a little forced. It sounds a little disproportionate to how a natural voice might sound. So let’s use some compression to sort of keep it in check.

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Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is the recordist and mixer for multi-platinum artist Akon, and boasts a Grammy nomination for Jazz & Spellemann Award for Best Rock album. Matthew has mixed for a host of star musicians including Akon, SisQo, Ozuna, Sonny Digital, Uri Caine, Dizzee Rascal, Arrested Development and 9th Wonder. Get in touch:

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