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Mixing Drums + Premium Tutorial Preview

Hey guys, welcome to another premium tutorial here at MixNotes.

In this one, mixing drums. Rock drums. It’s a little four piece kit. The drums have been edited. We’re not going to go into any quantization or elastic time editing or anything.

I am going to show you how to layer samples in at the end, but we’re going to go into basic EQ, compression, we’ve got some reverbs down here we’re going to talk about.

But let’s get into it. First let’s play these things so you can get familiar with them.


Alright, so all of our basic panning, I’ve already gone through and kind of leveled some things out just on its own, which I definitely advise doing.

Take all the plug-ins off. As you can see, I have one SSL comp on here on the mix buss. It’s not really doing much, but all my volumes are just kind of set, like, dry. No EQ, no compression, nothing’s on my inserts. Get things panned where I want them, and get it just sounding like a drum set here, you know.

My toms have been edited out, trimmed out, as you can see. We’ve got spaced pair rooms left and right. They sound like this.

[room mics]

Near, probably like six feet away. It wasn’t a huge room, so we didn’t have like, fifteen feet out room mics.

Here’s what our overheads sound like.

[overhead mics]

So we’ve got a lot of hi-hat in the overheads.


Here’s what the hi-hat mic sounds like. It was a ribbon.

[hi-hat mic]

Snare drum.

[snare mic]

I’ve got some cross stick. Here’s our kick drum.

[kick mic]

Just one mic on the kick. I think it was a Beta 52. It was a ported hole and kind of stuck it in just after the hole, not too far in, but still wanted some — I tried to find a balance between front to back.

[kick mic]

So overall, pretty decent sounds for starting out with.


Definitely sounds like a drum set, right?

So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to go ahead and lay on this SSL…




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