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How to Fix Low End Muddiness in Neutron (Master the Mix: Part 2)

One of the biggest problems a mix can run into is a lack of clarity in the low end. Muddiness, as it’s sometimes referred to. This usually happens when frequencies from a kick drum and a bass sound interfere with each other, and it can be especially problematic later on in the mastering session.

So I’m going to increase the separation of those very elements by sidechaining the bass synth and the kick by way of a dynamic node in Neutron’s EQ.

I have an instance on Neutron setup on my kick track and my bass track, and I have an audio track open, which I’ve named sidechain. In the audio from, I’ve chosen kick, and in the audio to, I’ve chosen bass. I have input monitoring on, and if you see 3-4 Neutron down here, it means that everything is wired properly.

[bass synth and kick]

If I open my bass track, I can start the sidechaining process by choosing the first node and picking dynamic mode, and then choosing “external full” as my sidechain input source.


Now, when I drop this node, it’s ducking the bass synth every time the kick hits on the other Neutron track.

Because the bass is allowing the kick to shine a little more, I’m going to add some sub energy to the kick drum by the kick drum EQ. Now, because both Neutrons are communicating with one another, I can do it right from the bass’ Neutron module.

So now, let’s do a big before and after of all our sidechain work.

[bass and kick, before and after Neutron]

So now, we’ve got much more definition on the kick drum, and we’ve avoided potential muddiness by sidechaining the low end elements. I’m ready to start making other creative decisions in the mastering stage.




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