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Introducing: Mixing Modern Rock with Bob Marlette

Narrator: Multi-Platinum producer, engineer, and mixer, Bob Marlette, has worked with many of rock’s biggest artists. He engineered, produced, and mixed Saliva’s Grammy nominated album, Every Six Seconds, as well as Black Sabbath’s Reunion Album, and Seether’s Platinum selling album, Disclaimer II.

His production credits go on and on, working with artists that include Rob Zombie, Shine Down, Ill Niño, Marilyn Manson, and John 5.

In this new course, Mixing Modern Rock, you’ll get to see how a Platinum producer mixes a huge rock song.

Bob: I’m not making this record for 2017, I’m trying to make this record for 2020.

Narrator: You’ll see Bob’s unique approach to mixing drums…

Bob: I can almost completely change the complete sonic landscape of the drums.


Narrator: Learn how to create impactful choruses…

Bob: Everything that we do from a mixing standpoint is to help facilitate the growth and the explosion into the chorus.

Narrator: Understand that production choices and arrangement are what makes your song a hit.

Bob: Who cares. It’s about a hit song. No one cares what the snare sounds like if it’s a hit song.

Narrator: Mixing Modern Rock. Available now at Pro Mix Academy.


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