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Introducing: Mixing Metal with Ulrich Wild

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Introducing: Mixing Metal with Ulrich Wild
Introducing: Mixing Metal with Ulrich Wild - youtube Video
Pro Mix Academy is proud to present our latest mixing course, Grammy nominated mixer, engineer, and producer, Ulrich Wild.

With credits ranging from Pantera, White Zombie, the Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Ulrich’s resume is full of records made by notorious rock and metal bands.

Ulrich let’s you get inside his head and shows you how he mixed the song Tritone by Brendon Smalls, Galaktikon. Brendon is the creator of the highly acclaimed metal show, Metalocalypse, and the composer, and the artist behind his virtual metal band, Dethklok.


Learn the mixing techniques, strategies, and concepts to mix an in-your-face metal record, and see how Ulrich took this song from this…

[mix, before]

To this.

[mix, after]

If you want to step up your mixing chops and learn how to mix hard hitting metal records, this course is for you. Skyrocket your skills by learning from an accomplished pro first hand.

All of the multi-tracks are included, so you can mix this song for yourself, and use them in your resume to attract new clients to you and your studio. Mixing Metal is available now at


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