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How to Mix Bass Guitars using Kush Audio UBK1, UAD LA2A, Studer Tape Machine, and Decapitator

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to a new video this week.

I wanted to take a look at bass guitar stuff and this tune I was working on today. Here’s what the track sounds like.


Okay. That’s what the track sounds like. It’s kind of a Dance/House tune, and there’s a real bass guitar in it, which is cool. The final bass track sounds like this.

[bass guitar]

So let’s break down how I got from point A to point B.

So first, got the bass. It sounded like this.

[bass guitar, dry]

First thing I did was pull out the Cambridge EQ from Universal Audio. There’s a little high passing — 12 dB per octave to 37Hz. I kind of let it — I usually go to 50, but I kind of wanted it to take up more of the subby stuff. Kick drum doesn’t really go that low.

Then we ducked out some of this 287 to 400Hz gunk.

[bass guitar]

It sounds like that.

Then I just boosted a little 110 to even out this low end on it.

[bass guitar]

Real subtle move. Then we throw a little LA2A magic on it using the silver version limit mode.

[bass guitar with LA2A]

Not doing a ton. Minus 2dB.

[bass guitar]

Just kind of rounded out the peaks.

Then I put a little room reverb on it. Yes, I will use reverb on my bass guitar.

[bass with reverb]

Yeah, and that’s really subtle. It just kind of helps it stick to things, I feel like.

Here’s what the reverb setting looks like. This is Oxford Reverb.

[bass with reverb]

Take a look, get your screenshots.

Then we duplicate the track. Right. So now you have this second track below it with pink. So this is what it sounded like.


Starting from zero again. Threw a Decapitator on it from SoundToys.

[bass with Decapitator]

Real gritty, real bitey. I’m going to blend it in. Then I throw an EQ on it. Cambridge right after it. Similar settings to what we saw in the first bass track.

[bass with EQ]

Just kind of helps tame it a little more.

[bass with EQ]

A little room verb.

[bass with reverb]

Then we blend it with the original bass track.

[bass with duplicate]

So we get all the low, fluffiness from the first one, and all that grit and bite from the second.


Then we take both of these tracks, we buss them to this bass group, and we get a little even more crazy. We bust out this sweet UBK-1 plug-in from Kush Audio.

[bass with UBK-1]

He’s got some really cool presets in here. I happen to start with this Dull Movement thing he’s got, then I kind of tweaked from there.


First thing you have to do with this plug-in is always get the headroom. You want the ample light to come on about half as much as it is off.


Once you set that up, then you can really get in and start playing.


Got the splat compression setting.

[bass with splat compression]

Just adds a little more density front to back is kind of what I hear. It sounds really great, really musical. I love that plug-in. One of my favorite compressors.

And then we go to the Studer tape plug-in from Universal Audio.

[bass with Studer]

Which it’s a little loud. Let me match the volume a little bit.

[bass with Studer]

Just completely tightens up the bottom end. It kind of puts that sexy tape sheen on it.


Using the GP-9 tape spool. We’re going 30 ips, +3 cal.


Off the repo head, and we’re not really hitting it too hard.

[bass guitar]

And that’s it, guys. Let’s hear it in the track again.


And that’s the track. Low end is always really tough. It’s the one that every struggles with. Everyone sucks at it. I still suck at it. I’m still learning things.

Try this parallel method with distortion. Maybe it helps you out, maybe it doesn’t. LA2As, Cambridge EQs, you don’t need these plug-ins. If you have plug-ins that do similar things, you can definitely make this happen in and out of Pro Tools with whatever you have. Even stock plug-ins.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ve busted 8,000 subscribers, which is so awesome. Looking forward to 10,000 subscribers.

So yeah. Keep coming back, and I will see you in the next video. Later.



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