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Correcting Phase Issues with Auto Align From Sound Radix!

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video.

In this one, I wanted to take a look at a fairly new plug-in called “Auto Align.” It’s supposed to help you with phasing and sort of aligning things automatically.

I have some drums. They sound like this.


Right. Real drums, recorded in a nice studio. We’ve got rooms mics, a bunch of toms, all the normal stuff. Kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, and I want to throw this auto-align plug-in across this and just see what it does, because phase is so important, especially with things like drum sets or stereo micing. Any time you’re using more than one microphone, phase is going to help you get that bottom end. It’s going to make stuff sound bigger.

I feel like phase is one of those fundamental things that really separates the men from the boys in this profession.

So anyways, let’s get into it. I’m going to highlight all of these and drop in — Sound Radix makes the plug-in — Auto Align. And it’s stereo. Drop in some mono ones. Okay.

So here we go. That’s the plug-in. It’s across my drums. It’s pretty simple to work. You’ve got send and receive channels. You can do just delay or you can do delay and polarity, and then you can kick it on and off to kind of hear what it’s doing.

I don’t know that this is the proper way to do it, but I’m going to align everything to the overheads.

So this is my overhead plug-in, and I’m going to have this send on channel one. I shouldn’t have to do anything to this. So everything else is going to receive on channel one, it’s going to phase align to my overheads.

So let’s start with our rooms. So I’m going to do receive channel one. And I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see what this sounds like. Hit detect, and you just let it play.


It already sounds bigger. I’ll bypass that.

[drums, no Auto Align, then with Auto Align]

That’s pretty cool. So now let’s do this mono room. Receive channel one, detect…


That took forever. So we’re doing, what is this, three samples — minus three samples to align it?

[drums with Auto Align]

Sounds in phase. Let’s do the kick drum here at the top. So we’re going to receive channel one delay and polarity. Detect…


Man, and that’s like night and day difference right there. Let me bypass that one.

[drums, with and without Auto Align]

Like, there’s the bottom end on the kick drum, and it’s ahead two samples? Which is like nothing. It makes that much of a difference.

Let’s do the kick out. Receive channel one. Here we go.


Cool. Going to speed through this. Top snare drum mic. Detect…



Cool. Snare bottom. Receive channel one.


Cool. Let’s do our hi-hats. Same setup.


Very cool. Do these tom tracks here. We’ll do them one at a time. Receive channel one.


Let’s do… Here we go.


Cool. This next tom track, and we’ll almost be done.


Cool. Man, this kit sounds like a completely different recording at this point.


Like, even the air in the kit coming from all of the bleed on those tom mics sounds way better.


So now let’s do — we’ll bypass everything and do a before and after.

So here’s before.


Like, so many EQ moves just get taken care of with phase. This is an awesome plug-in. I do not have tons of experience with it. If there’s someone out there who does use it a lot, drop me a line, but this in itself, this is like, black and white difference on this kit.

This was tracked in a nice studio.


Let’s find some ride cymbal stuff.


Great plug-in. This is another one of these cool little boutique companies coming out with really smart, really efficient plug-ins. Again, phase is so important. I highly recommend picking up this plug-in, especially if you’re mixing stuff that was tracked by people that don’t really know how to record stuff very well. Especially when it comes to phase and mic positions.

I mean, a lot of these things are being adjusted by like, what’s that, two samples? And that kick drum made a HUGE difference when that kicked in and out. Plus 86, plus 100, plus 119, plus 24…

So yeah, that’s it guys. Like the video if you like it, find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of that stuff. If you’ve got a question about something, feel free to e-mail me. Always happy to talk with you. It may take me a bit to get to them, but I try to get to everybody.

Anyways, you guys take care, and I will see you next week in another video.





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