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Beat Breakdown: Hip Happening by The Symphony

Beat Breakdown: Hip Happening by The Symphony
Beat Breakdown: Hip Happening by The Symphony
What’s going on guys? Symphony here for, and today, we’re doing a beat breakdown utilizing one of the samples from my I’m Operablem sample pack, which features Shayna Von Otter, and is engineered by Matthew Weiss.

So a little background, if you guys don’t know who I am, my name is Samik. A lot of people in the music business call me Symphony. I’m a producer, DJ, song writer, and sound designer, and recently, in the last several months, I’ve put out sample packs, Prism Sound Collection, I’m Operablem, and the most recent one, which is Structures.

The reason I did this, a lot of times I’ll come up with ideas and won’t finish them. I’ll give them to friends to finish, just because my schedule is a little crazy. One day I said, you know, why not? We’re just going to give these to everybody and see what they can do with it.

So this one, I decided to use an Opera singer, because I didn’t think there were any sample packs that utilized Opera in the way that I would do it. This is what this sounds like, this is called the Hip Happening 4, it’s from I’m Operablem, and check it out!

[sample, Hip Happening 4]

Cool shit, right? What I did was I used this sample, and I’ll play that for you guys, this is what that sounds like.


So that’s the beat that I created utilizing the Hip Happening 4 sample.


The cool thing about I’m Operablem and Structures, I included the wet and dry stems, so you have access to all of that stuff. You can manipulate any part of the sample that you’d like, and on this one in particular, I used a few of those things.

This beginning utilizes the 2-track, and I did this cool little almost gated type of effect on the actual sample.

[gated sample]

Then I added Shayna’s — this little vocal manipulation I did.

[sample, pitch adjusted]

I think that’s using just a clipping of one of her vocals in the sample pack.

So one of the things that I like doing, when I’m working with samples, is I like side-chaining the sample to the kick. What this does is basically every time the kick hits, the sample ducks underneath it, and what you accomplish is gluing the sample to the record a little bit better.


Everything is a little bit more cohesive.

So one of the things I like doing is stutter edits. A lot of times in samples, a four bar, eight bar loop gets boring. I want to keep it a little exciting. It adds a little bit more excitement to the actual samples. I’ll take the extra step, this is what that sound like.

[sample, stutter edited]

Take it one step further, you can do that with all of the drums, bassline, 808, it gives it more of an “oh shit” moment.


We might give the artist, or the rapper, or whoever an idea to do something with that part of the song. Most people’s take away from that moment is like, “Oh shit.”

So that was the beat breakdown of Hip Happening from my I’m Operablem sample pack, feature Shayna Von Otter and engineered by Matthew Weiss, and you can get that on, or you can get it from, or you can get it from

I hope these samples inspire you to create some crazy shit, and I’d love to hear it all, so if you want to send them to me or if you even want to just chat about anything, just hit me up., bausymphony on all social media, and yeah. Hope you guys have a great time creating. See ya.


Samik Ganguly

Samik Ganguly also known as “The Symphony” is an American record producer, DJ, and writer with a classically trained background as a violinist. He's a six time iStandard Producer Showcase Winner including the Grand finale Champion “Beast of The Beats VI”.