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The Most Effective Way to Learn Compression

The best way to learn compression is of course to use it youself. A lot. But the second best way is to find a really great teacher.

We’re excited to share our latest tutorial from Matthew Weiss: Mixing with Compression

Compression can be one of the most powerful and mysterious tools in a mixer’s toolbox.

When you’re first getting into mixing and trying to wrap your head around compression, you’re sort of turning knobs and wondering if you’re “doing compression right.”

But until you conceptualize and hear the subtleties of how compression can manipulate the tone, shape and dynamics of a sound, it can be a bit daunting. But Matthew’s got your back.

Ever since reading Matthew’s first article about dynamics processing, I’ve always admired the way he approached teaching compression. It wasn’t about “applying compression” — it was about using it to control and manipulate shape, tone, and dynamics.

Once you start hearing compression as shape control, the mystery is revealed and your confidence prevails.

In Mixing with Compression, Matthew teaches you what compression is, what it sounds like, how to use it, and how it will take your mixes to the next level.


As always, we really appreciate your support and guarantee you’re gonna love Mixing with Compression. As always, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

We can’t wait to hear how the tutorial has helped your mixing.

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Connect with me on Instagram here.

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