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4 Resources for Getting Incredible Sounding Drums

Getting great drum sounds can be a challenge in many different contexts‚ whether recording, mixing or producing.

But we’ve got you covered, because apparently it’s drum week at The Pro Audio Files.

Below are a few ridiculous offers from our friends (and ourselves) that will help you get closer to that drum sound of your dreams.

Free Video on Recording Drums

Getting a great acoustic drum sound always begins at the source.

Luckily, our friend Jordan of Hardcore Mixing has you covered here with an awesome free video …

  • 20-minute walkthrough of how to mic up a drum kit
  • Hear what good raw drums should sound like at the tracking stage
  • Free bonus: Drum Tracking Cheatsheet with go-to mics and positions for drums

➥ Watch the FREE video on recording drums

The Drum Mix Toolkit

Sometimes as a mix engineer you don’t always have control over the source material you’re mixing, including how well (or poorly) the drums were recorded. You may also be recording drums in your home studio where the acoustics are less than ideal.

In this case, Bjorgvin of Audio Issues has you covered with The Drum Mix Toolkit.

It’s brand new and 40% off this week.

➥  40% off The Drum Mix Toolkit

The North Collection Sample Pack

Producing great drums, including both sound selection and feel, can make or break your tracks.

We’re excited to share our newest sample pack: The North Collection


The North Collection includes three of the most popular sample packs (The North Vol. 1-3) from acclaimed producer and sound designer Sentury Status. Includes 29 incredible construction kits (400 WAV audio tracks + MIDI). Don’t miss this one.

➥ 50% Off The North Collection sample pack 

Mixing 808s

You didn’t think we’d leave out 808s, did you?

Matthew Weiss just released his new Mixing 808 Workshop, and it’s getting an incredible response.

Learn tips, tricks and techniques for getting great sounding 808s in various contexts and genres.

This week only, we’re including the Pure 808 sample pack (200+ sounds — $30 value) for FREE.

➥ Learn how to mix great sounding 808s

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Dan Comerchero

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Free Video on Mixing Low End

Download a FREE 40-minute tutorial from Matthew Weiss on mixing low end.

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