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AutoFugue: Party Like It’s 1799

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I met Patrick Flanagan three years ago in Minneapolis while he was working on Vio and I was working on Quiztones.

You could say he knows a few things about synthesis. And now, he’s bringing baroque synthesis (and more) to the masses with AutoFugue, the first app from Resonant Cavity and the only classical DJ app in the world.

Resonant Cavity (according to a real legal document that expensive lawyers were paid to create) is comprised of:

  • Patrick Flanagan — Founder, Developer, CEO, Director of Beat Phatness
  • Jacob Berendes — Founder, CFO, Designer, Pixel Kingpin
  • Jens Knutson — Founder, Developer, Director of Strategic Mixology
  • Brian Stevenson — Founder, Developer, Chief Realness Officer

The app is currently free. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear why AutoFugue received the coveted Honorable Mention for “Best Treble Drop” at Bach Fest 2014.


App Preview:


Audio Examples:

Vivaldi Dubstep Synth Notes:

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