Algorithmic Reverb Demystified

Eric Tarr breaks down all things algorithmic reverb including the history of reverb, how to build it from scratch, and practical applications for the mix.

  • What is reverb on a basic and advanced technical level
  • The history of reverb and how different designs originated
  • Setting up and routing reverb in a digital audio workstation
  • Conceptual and technical breakdown of algorithmic reverb
  • Audio comparisons of different algorithmic reverb plugins
  • How to create and customize your own algorithmic reverb
  • What is Schroeder reverb and how to replicate it yourself
  • A breakdown and demo of various reverb and delay plugins
  • Route multiple delays in series and parallel to create reverb
  • How hundreds or thousands of delay repeats make a reverb tail
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Learn how sound behaves in an acoustic space

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Learn the essential elements and parameters of reverberation

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Learn how stacking delay in series and parallel creates reverb

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Learn the parameters and functions of various delay plugins

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Learn how to create & customize your own algorithmic reverb

Tutorial Overview

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Learn the basics

Learn the basics of reverb including the history of various designs and how sound behaves in an acoustic space.

Learn the technical concepts

Learn how you can create your own reverb by chaining multiple delay plugins together in series and parallel.

Learn how it applies to your mix

Hear audio demonstrations of different algorithmic reverb and delay plugins on various instruments.

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About Eric Tarr

Eric Tarr is a musician, audio engineer, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Currently a Professor of Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University.

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