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Contest Closed: Win a Copy of Quiztones for Mac

We’re giving five lucky people the chance to win a copy of Quiztones for Mac!

The winners have been chosen!

Here are our five lucky winners of Quiztones for Mac, chosen at random:

  • Daniele who commented, “Quiztones for me, plz! : )”
  • Triple-X who commented, “Quiztones is the jammy jam. I want it. Please.”
  • Beto who commented, “I’ll Love it!”
  • Kris P who commented, “Sounds good. Can’t wait to try it!”
  • Nich who commented, “Thanks for the chance to win” 

Congratulations! You’ll all be contacted soon with a download code!

If you didn’t win a copy for free, you can always head over to and buy your ears a new year’s present!

Quiztones for Mac

Quiztones ($19.99 value, requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later) is a frequency ear trainer for amateur and professional audio engineers, producers, and musicians. Quiztones uses frequency-altered tones, noise, and musical loops to train your ears and help develop more acute listening and frequency recognition skills.

  • Sharpen your ears & frequency recognition skills
  • Improve your mixing & EQ’ing chops
  • Prevent noise & frequency buildup in your mixes & recordings
  • Eliminate the need to sweep for frequencies

Quiztones for Mac is available on the Mac App Store or Audiofile Engineering Store.

Quiztones for iOS is available on the iOS App Store.

How to Win

For the chance to win, you need to do 3 things:

  1.  Leave a comment at the bottom of the page so we can contact you if you win.
  2.  At the bottom of, click any one of the social sharing buttons (+1 is ideal, otherwise Like or Tweet).
  3.  Post this tweet or Like Audiofile Engineering on Facebook.

Five winners will be chosen at random. Make sure to leave a comment before Jan 12th at Midnight EST.

Rules and Conditions

  • To enter, carefully read the instructions above.
  • You may only enter once. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  • Make sure you use a valid email address when you comment so you can be contacted.
  • Quiztones for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. If necessary, you can substitute your prize for the Quiztones iOS app.
  • Entries will be accepted until January 12th at Midnight EST.
  • Winners will be announced January 13th at 6pm EST.

This competition is sponsored by Audiofile Engineering.

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I’m Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. I’m probably checking Instagram if you want to say hi.

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  • Hey Guys! hope I can win this time!! can’t wait to put my hand(or ears?) in touch with this App!

    Congratulations y’all for the good work

    • Krystal Blacklock

      I could use this and so could any engineer. This should be used in any teaching application!!

    • Cool app and site.

    • maciek

      Seems like an awesome application. Can’t wait to win and try.

    • Zak

      even veteran engineers could find this helpful

  • 8 Bars

    This is a great app and I really hope I can win it. Even if I don’t I will be purchasing it.

  • TJ Usiyan

    ce n’est pas un commentaire

  • zack


  • Grant Winship

    Loved this when it was a web app – would be great to have on the desktop.

  • best audio application for apple devices! i hope i can win a quiztone copy. thanks


  • Ekaterina

    awesome app.

  • Eugene Mc

    Hope I win this! It would be a great help to improving my skills 🙂

  • Sounds awesome 🙂

  • Genta Tamashro

    This is great! I would use this non stop! Hope I can win!

  • Angelo C.

    Golden ears, here we come!

  • This would be really cool as a desktop app and not just as a web app! 😀

  • Triple-X

    Quiz tones is the jammy jam. I want it. Please.

  • ted

    i have it for the phone sooo

  • Johnny

    would be great to check this out, see how it helps my mixes

  • My Mac OSX is like that so I am ready to Quiztones

  • Steven Ketscher

    Ready to win.

  • Daniele de Virgilio

    Quiztones for me, plz! : )

  • Beto Montalvao

    I”ll Love it


    I really like this app!!!!

  • Michael H.

    I’m a guitar player and hope Quiztones will help train my ear.

  • Christian Valentin

    This is my morning page to read with my coffee in hand

  • TTran

    Wish me luck : )

  • Aaron

    Hot dog!

  • LargerLife

    Great application finall in the Mac app store!

  • Uriel Salazar

    Eager to see if this can really train our ears!

  • Great app! I want it

  • Love the app! Would be great to get it on the desktop!

  • Alison

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this before, it sounds so cool. Now I need ask my studio recording professor if he’s heard of this before!

  • Zosh

    I’d love to use this app for training!

  • Kris P.

    Sounds good. Can’t wait to try it!

  • John S


  • Alex Fraser (@lexiin)

    Would be really helpful!

  • And I’m on board!!

  • none illa

    would love this!

  • Diamond Davis

    Lets go!!!

  • Nico Willemsen

    I’m down for this!

  • dan hogan

    I could use this!

  • Len Sewall


  • Nich Caldwell

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • brian

    Very cool

  • Andrew

    I did all the above!

  • Alice

    Interesting tool… !


    sweet shared fb

  • Sweet!! Like

  • Mrod

    Good luck everyone!

  • Lou Remondelli

    This is so totally cool it is a product I would use Everyday !
    Thanks for this opportunity !

  • Luis Manuel Medeiros

    Would like 2 try.

  • Steven


  • Daniel Crisan

    that’s a cool app, i can’t wait to win it!

  • Codey Harris

    Give me that 🙂

  • Brett Husebye

    And how can this be? Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach!

  • Daniel Hay


  • Guido Holtman

    Great application, ‘d love to win!

  • DC Walsh

    Please ! I’d love to have this app! Who wouldn’t?!!!

  • Steven E. McDonald

    And this here is a comment full of complete empty calories.

  • Jeff Moga

    I’m in.

  • Derek Sasaki

    I love Apple computers ! Quiztones and Mac . What a winning combo !

  • This seems really cool, I’d love a program for ear training like this one.

  • Matt Abstetar

    Downloaded the trial version and this program is awesome. Would LOVE to have the full version.

  • Brian K

    Would love to win a copy. Keep my frequency recognition fresh.

  • The winners have been chosen!

    Thanks for participating, and stay tuned for more giveaways soon on

  • Jason Roudebush

    Great App! I would love to win it!

  • joewalsh

    This would be a an amazing tool for me. Pretty please?

  • Paul Weisensel

    I would love to win.

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