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Softube Mixing Contest — Win a TSAR-1R Reverb Plugin and More

Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got another video for you this week, and an announcement.

We’re kicking off our second mixing contest here. The awesome guys over at SoftTube are hooking the winners up with a TSAR-1R reverb plug-in. This is a really cool plug-in which we’re going to listen to here in a minute.

If you’d like a chance to win that, go over to the website, you can read all of this information. Click here, you can download the stems, do your mix, upload it to our SoundCloud group by, you know, midnight, end of day, September 1st 2013. We’ve got some cool prizes.

Obviously, the reverb plug-in from SofTube, also hook you up with a lifetime tutorial bundle here at the website, as well as a copy of QuizTones, and a copy of Mixing Rap Vocals from The Pro Audio Files.

Dan and Matt are some super awesome guys and they’re doing some really cool things.

I’ll also pick two other winners and hook them up with a lifetime tutorial bundle, QuizTones, and a copy of Mixing Rap Vocals.

So a bunch of cool stuff to give away. Enter this, just make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube, like us on Facebook. You can read the other details here. So that’s awesome.

Let’s check out this reverb plug-in. So it’s a really simple reverb. Here’s what the track sounds like.


Cool. So reverb. I’ve never had a chance to use this before, and I finally got my hands on it, and — really warm. Super versatile. Great sounding plug-in. Let’s go through the controls here.

You’ve got a pre-delay slider, which is really simple. Then you have time, which is basically your reverb setting, and it’s going to go from really small early reflections stuff, all the way up to like, a large hall, depending on what you want to do.

Then it will — you can change the color of the verb, whether you’re making it bright, neutral, or dark, which is sort of some EQ stuff. Reverb mix, and then you have an output volume knob.

Okay, so let’s listen to this thing. I’ve got it on some acoustic guitars and some vocals, so let’s solo this acoustic guitar track.

[acoustic guitar with reverb]

This is with it on the dark setting.

[acoustic guitar with reverb, dark]



[acoustic guitar with reverb, neutral]

Really natural, really versatile.

So let’s check it out on some vocals here. I’ve got it on this kind of hall-ish setting.

[vocals with reverb]

Alright, that’s neutral. Here it is on bright.

[vocals with reverb, bright]

Alright. Dark.

[vocals with reverb, dark]

You know, and you can even go bigger.

[vocals with reverb]


Anyways, you get the point. Really great plug-in, I love the sound of this thing.

So yeah, enter the contest, win a copy of this thing, it’s great. Simple. You don’t have to overthink it. Just kind of throw it to where you want it and move on, which is always the best way to work.

So anyways, that’s it guys. Subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already. New videos every week. We’ve got premium tutorials you can purchase at the website. Check out the mixing contest, like us on Facebook, I’m on Instagram, Twitter, all of that stuff as well, so come hang out. Feel free to ask me questions.

I will see you in the next video. Later, guys.




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