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Mixing Giveaway Announcement and Maag EQ4 Review

Hey, what’s up guys? John here from MixNotes. I’ve got another video for you, and I’ve got a little announcement, and we’re going to do a little plug-in review action too.

First, let’s get to the cool stuff. If you go to the website, you’ll notice we’ve started our mixing giveaway, where you can win a copy of SSD4 EX from Steven Slate Drums, which is really cool. Basically, download the stems of the track, you can listen to the original track here. Do your own mix, upload it by May 3rd end of day.

I’ve created a SoundCloud group, so create a SoundCloud account, it’s free. Upload your mix and add it to the group. Make sure your name is in it, and then make sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel and the Facebook, and we’ll pick a winner. Pretty easy.

Feel free to share it with all of your friends, any body is eligible. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Again, really cool prize from Steven Slate Drums. These are great sounding samples.

I did a video over it a while back too, so use your YouTube Google and you can find that. So yeah, that’s the really cool thing. I’m excited to do it, and I’m hoping a lot of people want to take part.

Okay, so that takes care of our business. I’ve got an EQ for you today from Maag Audio. Well, this is a plug-in from Plug-in Alliance that emulates the Maag EQ, which is a really cool six-band EQ. Fixed bands. I’ve got it on a vocal here. Let’s restore the defaults.

Basically what you’re looking at is we’ve got fixed bands. We’ve got a sub, we’ve got 40Hz, 160, 650, 2.5kHz, and then we have a really cool Air band, which is amazing for like, snare drums and vocals especially, I think.

The EQ has a nice kind of sound to it as well. A nice color to it. It’s really cool. These are all bell curves, and then you’ve got a shelf at 2.5kHz, and then you also have this shelf here. You know, you’ve got options for 2.5, 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, and 40kHz.

So I’ve got a track here.


A little rock thing. Let’s just EQ this vocal and kind of show you what this thing sounds like.

So here’s what it sounds like. EQ is bypassed.

[vocals, raw]

So pretty aggressive. So let’s take out — I’m going to dip on the sub, pull some 40 out, bring 160 down a little bit, maybe a tiny bit of 650. Boost a little 2.5kHz.


[vocals with EQ]

Cleans it up a lot. I’ll bypass that a little bit.

[vocals, EQ bypassed and enabled]

And then what we can do is boost — grab some 10kHz and just boost the crap out of it.

[vocals with EQ]

Really similar kind of effect to boosting 10kHz on a Pultec or something. It has a really nice sound to it.

Let’s bypass it in the tune, back and forth. I’ll start out with it off and then kick it on.


But yeah, that’s it. It’s a really cool EQ, it’s a unique EQ. You’ll see these in a lot of studios. They’ve been around for awhile. Plug-in Alliance makes the plug-in, they make a lot of really cool other stuff, and this is the only one I picked up from Plug-in Alliance, but I really love it.

I was at a studio awhile ago and they had a pair of these, and I fell in love with them. Kind of forgot about them. Tried them out, fell in love with them again. The Air band is just amazing.

Like on a snare drum, grab 2.5kHz and just boost the crap out of it and you’ll get that top end-y cool crack stuff out of it. On a vocal, you know, 10 to 20kHz, boost it. You can even go to 40kHz, so strings, pianos, it’s just a great, really musical EQ.

Yeah. So check that out, I know you can demo it over at Plug-in Alliance. I think they do a 14-day or a 10-day trial. I don’t know. Just something I thought I’d do a video on. New thing I’m into.

So anyways, if you liked the track, it’s by a band called Bennington. They were featured on Noise Trade not too while ago as a new and noteworthy band.

So I’ll put a link down in the description if you want to check them out. They would love to get some more Facebook likes and whatnot.

So anyways, check out the mixing giveaway, check out the tune, download the stems, share it with your friends, let everybody know. Anyone is eligible, and we’ll see you in the next video. Have a great weekend.




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