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How to Mix Electric Guitar with UAD Helios EQ

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. In this one, we’re going to talk about electric guitars and the Helios EQ from UAD.

I think it’s a great EQ for guitars. It’s something I haven’t really talked about on the channel before. It’s a quirky EQ. It’s got a couple of cool things it does that other EQs don’t.

Anyways, let’s get into it. I’ve got a rock/pop kind of thing. It sounds like this.


Alright, you get the point. There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of layers, but I have this lead part. It’s going to be on your right side, and let me solo the track. It sounds like this.

[lead guitar]

So this is the Helios EQ. It’s a three band EQ — bass, mid, and top end. You have this 10kHz knob here with a level adjust.

Normal stuff you’ve seen before. It’s been out for a long time. The cool thing about this EQ is the bass. You can click this into 60Hz and not even boost anything here, and it just gets fatter and bigger. The original design did that, and I heard the designer sort of harped on UAD a little bit to make sure the plug-in did it as well.

Pretty cool. So let me kick this in and out so you can hear what I’m talking about here.

[lead guitar with Helios]

Really subtle, but it just fattens things up, and you haven’t boosted a bunch of low end to muddy it up. It’s a great little trick.

The other thing I do is you can pull out 10kHz on the top end.

[lead guitar, pulling out 10kHz]

Don’t really need it anyways. Again, guitars are pretty mid-rangey instruments.

And then if you really just want the guitars to just say, “Fuck you,” and punch someone in the face, grab any four of these bands on the mid-range and then just boost, and then the guitars just sort of give you the middle finger.

[lead guitar, adjusting mid-band]

So that’s like, 4 or 5 band, if we go down to 2.8…

[lead guitar, adjusting mid-band]

This is at 6.

[lead guitar, adjusting mid-band]

Here’s where we started with the plug-in bypassed.

[lead guitar, no EQ]


Not bad, recorded well.

[lead guitar with EQ]

It just sort of gives it some edge and bite so it pops out of the track.


Alright. I’ve got similar — man, that reverb just goes forever… Similar settings on these rhythm tracks up here.

[rhythm guitars]

There’s a double of that part we heard here.

[lead guitar]


There’s like, this static, panny guitar in the bridge…


Here we’ll grab this 1kHz to 4kHz band.

[guitar with EQ]


[guitar, no EQ]


[guitar with EQ, then full mix]

So anyways, that’s it! Helios EQ. Check it out, research it for yourself. This thing I think was free or there was a coupon for it at one point UAD gave out, maybe six months ago. That’s how I picked it up.

Check it out. I don’t think it costs a whole lot anymore, pretty affordable. Again, this little 60Hz thing down on the bottom is just magic.

Other EQs I like to use on guitars would be like, API 550s sound cool, Neveish EQs always sound cool to me…

So yeah. Leave a comment down below, like the video, subscribe if you haven’t subscribed, I try to put out new videos every week. That’s all I’ve got for you. I’ll see you in the next video.





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