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Microphone Shootout: Vocals

Hi, I’m Matt Gordon here at 1092 Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today is all about microphones, as we’re going to conduct a vocal mic shootout here in the studio.

So for the shootout, I’m going to have a male vocalist sing into each one of these microphones. Each one of the mics is going into an API 1608, and they’re all set at the same gain structure. There’s no compressors and no EQs in the mix at all.

The signal that you’re hearing is coming directly from the mic.

[RCA 77DX]

[Neumann KM184]

[Neumann U47 FET]

[Royer R121]



[Telefunken AK-47 MKII]

[Electrovoice RE20]

[Shure SM7b]

[Shure SM57]

[Sennheiser 421]

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