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Introducing: Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn

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Introducing: Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn
Introducing: Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn - youtube Video
Pro Mix Academy is proud to present, Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn.

Go behind the scenes and learn how a Grammy winning mix engineer takes a song from the rough mix, through to a radio ready pop mix. Using basic tools like EQ and compression, and some advanced techniques, such as parallel processing, you’ll see it all come to life as Bob gives his complete mix breakdown.

As one of today’s hottest mixers across multiple genres, Bob’s credits extend to the likes of Usher, Akon, Lupe Fiasco, Macy Gray, Everclear, and many more.

A special feature here at is you get to see not just one incredible mixer do his thing, but two. Also included is a complete mix breakdown from producer/engineer, Warren Huart. Warren’s mix was done in a hybrid fashion utilizing the best in analog and digtal equipment, while Bob stays 100% in the box.


Two mixers, two different end results, twice the education.

We include the multi-tracks with every course here at Pro Mix Academy. You’ll even receive a license to use your mix on your resume and your website.

We encourage you to use your mix to promote and grow your studio business. If you’re ready to take your mixing skills to the next level, download Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn and Warren Huart today, only at


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