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Attracting Clients On Facebook Without Bothering People

Hey guys, Dan here from, and today I’m going to be talking about getting clients on Facebook.

So I’ve seen the topic come up pretty often the past couple of days. Producers, engineers, asking about how I cold contact someone on Facebook. A band, or an artist that I want to work with.

And you know, you hear a lot of the good advice, which is to show genuine interest. You know, don’t ask for the sale right out of the gate. Get to know them, and so on and so on.

I just kind of wanted to offer an alternative approach that you could blend with doing that. I’ve always been more of a fan of attraction versus promotion. It’s hard to say, unless you have inside information, you don’t know if that band or artist needs to record right now.

So it may just be kind of weird if you’re reaching out saying, “Hey, I mix, I record, work with me!” You know, they may have just finished a record, and the timing isn’t right. So essentially, you’re guessing. Unless you know they’re working on a record, you’re guessing, and it’s going to come off usually as you’re bothering the person. No one really wants to be sold to nowadays, and I think bands and artists feel weird when someone reaches out to them and is like, “Hey, here’s what I do, listen to my stuff.”

Just as some of us get a little bit turned off when bands or artists are blowing up our mail boxes with songs and “take a listen to this, do this, share this.”

Same kind of thing. So I’m very much more for the attraction versus promotion, and there’s another cool thing on Facebook that you should try out when it comes to trying to get work on Facebook, and this is local or long distance clients, and really doesn’t matter whether you mix, or write, or produce. It applies to all of them.

That would be creating a Facebook group and community built around the niche that you serve. A really good example of that, there’s a young kid down in Florida who has started a Pop Producer and Song Writers group, and it’s got a couple thousand people in it, and what that does is it’s super slick. Instead of reaching out to these Pop artists, he said, “Hey, I’m going to make a community, and when people are talking about, ‘Hey, I’m working on this, what do you think?’ or, ‘Hey, I need to get this mixed,’” now he knows that those people need services. So he’s not reaching out cold. Now those cold leads on Facebook are warm leads on Facebook.


This could work if you’re in, whatever, Nashville and you do metal. So you do a country — or, I’m sorry, a Nashville Metal group, or whatever it may be. It can apply to anything. If you are an EDM top liner, then make a group on that.

What that does is it totally changes the approach. Now it’s not promoting. You’re promoting, promoting, promoting yourself, now you’re attracting. You’re creating an environment and a community where people can come, learn, feel safe, share, and in the background, now you have all of this insider information.

Well, I know this person is working on a record, I know that person is working on a record, and now’s a good chance for you to reach out and say, “Hey, I noticed that you were struggling with the mix,” or, “You wanted feedback on those lyrics, here’s a little bit about what I do. You’re in my group and blah blah blah.”

It totally makes the contact warm.

So that’s just my two cents. A different approach. If you’re going to do the cold calling or reaching out, I think the advice that’s being said is great. Show genuine interest. Build a relationship. Don’t just right out of the gate, come and say, “Hey, record with me,” or “I do this,” or “Listen to this.”

Build a relationship, but don’t overlook the alternative method of attraction, which is, you know, creating a community or putting out content that helps or makes that potential client more of a warm lead.

So that’s my thoughts. Thanks for watching.




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