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How to Make Your Hip-Hop Beats Stand Out

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Are you a producer or beatmaker looking to take your hip-hop beats to the next level? Make them hit hard and stand out? Our new tutorial shows you exactly how to do that.

Today we’re releasing the second tutorial in the Mixing Hip-Hop series from Matthew Weiss (Snoop Dogg, Gorilla Zoe, Gift of Gab): Mixing Hip-Hop Beats

In Mixing Hip-Hop Beats, Matt spends over 80 minutes walking you step-by-step through his hip-hop mixing workflow, mindset, and techniques — including:

  • Setting levels
  • Emotional automation
  • Making drums and 808s hit hard
  • Mixing synths
  • Home mastering tips  

We’re really excited about sharing these with you, and if you’ve seen Matthew’s tutorials on our YouTube channel, you know he doesn’t hold anything back.

As the follow-up tutorial to Mixing Rap Vocals, we have a special bundle price (30% savings) if both tutorials apply to you. There’s even a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so the worst that can happen is you learn a lot and people ask you how you leveled up your production quality so quickly.


We really appreciate your support, and as always, encourage you to check out Matthew’s free hip-hop mixing articles:


Free 808s plus The Maio Collection sampler pack from Matthew Weiss.

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

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