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7 Videos on Mid-Side Mixing Techniques

We have a new video in the Ask Weiss series about practical uses of mid-side EQ in a mix, so I thought it’d be a good time to round up a handful of mid-side mixing tutorials we have on the YouTube channel:
  1. Ask Weiss: Using Mid-Side Subtractive EQ in a Mix
  2. Mid-Side Mixing Tips: EQ and Compression
  3. Mixing Synth Bass with 808 Kick Drums
  4. How to Use Reference Tracks w/ Multiband & MS Processing
  5. How to Widen Electric Guitar with Delay, Mid-Side EQ and More
  6. How to Mix Acoustic Music — Part 3: Mid-Side EQ
  7. How to Enhance the Stereo Field of a Mono Source
  8. What is Mid-Side Compression?


If you prefer an article, check out The Basics of Mid-Side Processing from Eric Tarr.

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Dan Comerchero

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