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Win a Free Vintage 12 Mic from JZ Microphones

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Giveaway Closed! Congrats to our winner: Oliver W.

Stay tuned for more soon. In the meantime, check out the latest Sonic Scoop giveaways.


I’m excited to share our latest giveaway where we’ve teamed up with JZ Microphones to give you a chance to win their brand new premium microphone: The Vintage 12 ($1299 value).

JZ Mics adopted the best sonic qualities of the C12, replaced tubes with more modern and durable transistor technology, and added their innovative Golden Drop Capsule to take the V12 to the next level.

V12 Announcement

V12 Announcement

“I found the entire line of JZ microphones to be a substantial step forward into new microphone technology, that not only compares to the “classics” we have all grown to love, but in some cases, almost beats them.” —Thom Russo (16 Grammy Awards)

Get the legendary sound of a classic C12 in a stylish new shape, with superior design and quality components that deliver even greater clarity and precision!

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If you’d like to add this incredible new mic to your collection, simply enter to win below.

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