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Win a Free Amethyst Mic from JZ Microphones

CONTEST CLOSED! Congrats to the winner: Dan M.

Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more giveaways soon.

In the meantime, check out the latest giveaway from our partners at SonicScoop.

I’m excited to share our latest giveaway! We’ve teamed up with JZ Microphones to give you a chance to win their latest microphone: The Amethyst ($1199 value).

The Amethyst is a premium class large diaphragm condenser mic and the latest addition to the JZ Microphones lineup. Revered by top professionals in the industry, The Amethyst gives you that classic vintage sound loved through decades. While simultaneously offering state-of-the-art components and showcasing the possibilities of modern technology, each and every Amethyst is carefully hand-made by our senior craftsmen and thoroughly tested until there are absolutely no doubts about the end result.


I think the versatile Amethyst Vintage is a first pick for solo vocals of all kinds. This mic will shine where you may normally go with a U67: when fullness and presence are required. With quality construction, superior design, a great sound and a reasonable street price, I recommend this mic to update old veterans’ closets, as well as the “my first great vocal mic” for aspiring professionals.” – ProAudio Review

If you’d like to add this awesome microphone to your collection, simply enter to win below …

Win a Free Amethyst Mic from JZ Microphones

Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Connect with me on Instagram here.

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