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How to Clip Kicks and Other Hip-Hop Mixing Tips

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I’m writing you from the paradisiacal but currently flooded Boulder, CO.

However, there’s another flood and it’s just for you and it’s on YouTube: all these new mixing tutorials from The Pro Audio Files.

As a supplement to Mixing Rap Vocals, Matthew Weiss has been dropping some bite-sized but highly potent mixing tutorials lately. I wanted to share the latest one with you: how you can use clipping to bring out your kick drum(s) in a hip-hop context.

A few months back, Matthew showed you how to make your 808s hit hard, but now we’re zooming way in on some of the ways clipping can make your kick drum stand out in the mix in a totally different stylistic context.


If you have any questions about anything discussed in these videos, we monitor the YouTube comments and are more than happy to give individually tailored answers to all your questions. So by all means, make it rain.

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Connect with me on Instagram here.

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