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Hey this is Dan Comerchero, Founder of The Pro Audio Files, a community of audio professionals from around the world sharing articles, videos and courses on recording, mixing, mastering and producing music.

Questions & Answers

Are you accepting guest submissions?

Not at this time.

Are you accepting interviews or gear reviews?

Not at this time.

Can we advertise with you?

Sure! Please contact our team here.

Where can I get support for a purchased product?

For courses by Matthew Weiss, Ian Vargo, Phil Mantione and Mark Marshall, please email us here.

For courses by Justin Colletti (Mastering Demystified & Mixing Breakthroughs), please email them here.

Can I ask a mixing question?

Unfortunately we can’t answer all the specific questions we get, but if you’re a course customer and have a question about one of the lessons, feel free to reach out to that course creator through their own website’s contact form.

I need to re-download a course I purchased, where can I do that?

If you need a new download link, you can use our Order Recovery Tool.

I purchased a course bundle that includes future releases, how will I receive those?

If you purchased a bundle that includes future releases (such as The Complete Bundle or Workshop Bundle) you will receive an automatic email from Sendowl letting you know that a new file has been added to your download link.

If you still need help with anything, please send us an email.

Thanks for visiting us!

– Dan Comerchero (founder/editor)

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