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10 Most Popular Episodes of Recording Studio Rockstars

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I recently had a chance to hang out with Lij Shaw when he was in Denver this summer and I told him I’d love to find a way to introduce readers of The Pro Audio Files to his Recording Studio Rockstars podcast. We decided a most popular episodes roundup was in order, so here we are.

With Recording Studio Rockstars, Lij brings you inside the studio to meet the pros, hear their stories and learn from their experiences.


Here are the top ten episodes covering everything from production, engineering, mixing, mastering, and generally making great records. Enjoy!

  1. RSR009: Michael Beinhorn – Unlocking Creativity
  2. RSR008: Ian Shepherd – Home Mastering Masterclass
  3. RSR010: Bobby Owsinski – 101 Mixing Tricks
  4. RSR029: Craig Alvin – Badass Mixer
  5. RSR024: Jonathan Roye – Woodshed Audio
  6. RSR006: Graham Cochrane – The Recording Revolution
  7. RSR005: Russell Wolff – Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Funny Dude
  8. RSR EP001:  Mike Purcell – 6Minor Films
  9. RSR019: F Reid Shippen – Multi Grammy-Winning Mixer
  10. RSR003: Joe Gilder – Home Studio Corner

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