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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Friday. I thought I’d do a video.

I thought I’d do something a little different, too. Let’s take a look at an app I found. It’s called QuizTones. It’s right here. Open it up.

It’s ear training. It’s going to train your ears as far as hearing things like specific frequencies. It’s going to train your ears for hearing specific changes in gain level, which is awesome.

It’s got three kind of basic modes where you can do fundamental frequencies, so basically sine waves. You can do EQ. We’ll go into each of these in a little more detail. Then you can do gain, right?

So we’ll take a look at tones first. If we go — we’ll start off on easy, because I don’t want to look like a fool on the internet. So basically it’s going to play the frequency, and then you pick which one it is.

[sine wave]

That’s pretty low. I’m going to say 100.

I was right.

[sine wave]

Six or eight. Eight. Damn it. 1kHz? 200. That’s what I get for doing this on the internet.

[sine wave]

Ah, that’s 2kHz. That was annoying.

[sine wave]

Six or nine. Six. Boom.

Anyways, as you can see…

[sine wave]

That’s nine.

The next one.

[sine wave]

That’s seven. When you get them in succession like that, you get sort of relative hearing, but it really helps you sort of focus in on things.

[sine wave]

That’s 4kHz. No, 3kHz? Anyways.

You can go to expert, which is one third the octave, so you’ll get…

[sine wave]

That’s 40 Hz. Easy.

[sine wave]

Um… I’m going to say 125. No, 100? Dammit.

[sine wave]


Um… I would recommend doing this with nice headphones on or they have a standalone app, which I’ll show you where you can do it on your Mac, so you can do it in your studio on your monitors.

Let’s go to EQ mode.

So there’s a couple of different options here. You can pull from your own iTunes library, and then they’ve got a bunch of different loops on here too, so acoustic, drums, electric bass, orchestra, piano, pink noise, vocals.

They all sound really good. They were recorded really well. They’re definitely useful. So let’s go acoustic guitar.


There’s different modes. So you have Easy, two different versions of Hard, and Expert. You’re going to get a plus dB change in frequency on Easy, Hard modes you either get plus five or minus ten, depending on what you want to do, then expert is going to give you plus six dB on a third the octave on the frequency.

So we’ll go easy. We’re going to hit loop, because we want to loop the sound. Then the EQ button takes the boost in and out.

[acoustic guitar]

I’m going to say 1kHz. No, 500. Not off to a good start.

[acoustic guitar]

That’s 2kHz. Now I know what’s up.

[acoustic guitar]

I’m going to say 1kHz.

[acoustic guitar]


[acoustic guitar]

It’s pretty airy. 16kHz? Nope. 8kHz. I’m a fool. Anyways, you can see what I need to work on.

So that’s the Eq section. Let’s take a look at gain. In this, you have to unlock additionally. This is the Pro Version. Totally worth it, though.

So let’s do — let’s look at a different — we’ll do electric guitar. Then okay, so we A/B the amount of level cut. Loop it.

[electric guitar]

I’m going to say six dB. Boom.

[electric guitar]

It’s either four or two, and I feel like two should be more subtle. So four.

[electric guitar]

That’s two dB.

[electric guitar]

Minus six dB.

Anyways, you get the point.

[electric guitar]

That’s significant. It’s not 8. It’s either going to be… I’m going to say 14. Yes.

So you know, being really great at EQ and really great at mixing, and being able to listen to different sound sources and to really know what 250 sounds like and really know what 700 sounds like and really know what 10kHz sounds like, or what does 40Hz really feel like. It’s just a great way to do that. I think this is sort of a must own app.

You can go to their website here. Pull that over. You know, it’s iOS only. I don’t know much about Android. Google Play, can Android guys get it on Google Play? I don’t know.

So you get the App Store, the Mac App Store as well, you can compare here and this is what you get, and you guys can read all this stuff. But anyways, QuizTones. Check it out. This is a really cool app. I think it was like, $4.99 in the App Store, and I think I paid like, either $2.99 or $1.99 to unlock the Pro — like the expert modes on it.

So that’s the app. Check it out. This is something I feel like I’m probably going to use a lot. I think it’s a great way to sort of do as a warm up before you start mixing. I don’t know if I’ll do it every day, but I think it’s good to test yourself and see what you think things really are as to what they really are.

Great tool. Do a couple of rounds of it and then drop in and start mixing stuff, and I bet you it’s going to help you really kind of dial in on these frequencies when you’re — you know, are you hearing 500 or are you hearing 250?

So anyways, that’s that. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed, thumbs up the video, like the video if you enjoyed it. Share it with your friends, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, check out the website, we’ve got new lifetime premium tutorial bundles.

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Anyways, yeah, that’s it. So we’ll see you in the next video.




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