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The Story of the Quiztones App

This is the story leading up to today’s release of the Quiztones frequency training app for iOS. Quiztones is a frequency ear training app which uses tones, noise & musical loops to sharpen your ears.


I created Quiztones a year ago to give engineers & musicians a fun, educational and interactive way to train their ears.

The Beginning

The idea started at McNally Smith College of Music when my teacher Joe Mabbott quizzed us on different frequencies using a tone generator. At the time, I was working with a flash developer (yep, flash) building Staffnotes printable staff paper. I thought it’d be easy enough to just have them whip up a web-based flash app that would quiz you on different frequencies.

So I dove in and Quiztones evolved into a whole new beast.

Originally Quiztones was just sine waves and pink noise. I soon began adding more musical quizzes like frequency-altered guitar, bass and vocal loops. After getting a positive response, I decided to pursue Quiztones for iOS.

Audiofile Engineering

In early April, towards the “end” of developing the app, an incredible opportunity came along. At the time, I was working with an overseas programmer. He wasn’t an audio engineer or a musician, and the app’s quality wasn’t where I needed it to be.

Later that same month, I interviewed for an internship at Audiofile Engineering through school. I knew it was a perfect fit. Audiofile Engineering builds great software for iPhone and Mac OS X, and I wanted to learn more about that process.

Halfway through our interview, Matthew Foust, co-owner of Audiofile Engineering said “what if we develop & distribute the Quiztones app?” The rest is history. Within a month we became partners, and submitted the Quiztones app to the App Store.

The Future

The technical innovation that Audiofile Engineering brings to Quiztones is incredible. Besides integrating iZotope Signal Processing into their own acclaimed FiRE 2 – Field Recorder App, they’ve actually now authored their own proprietary DSP for iOS. We plan on integrating their EQ & dynamics processor into future versions of the Quiztones app.

This would mean features like:

    • Quizzes out of songs from your iPhone’s iPod library & SoundCloud
    • A “match the sound” trainer where you attempt to match a processed audio loop with on-board controls.
    • In-depth quiz difficulty adjustment and scoring
    • Tons of new audio content

This partnership has opened up many doors. I love working with Audiofile Engineering. Not only are they more experienced and smarter than me, but they believe in my ideas and respect my vision for Quiztones. Besides being entrepreneurs, they’re also talented, accomplished musicians and audio engineers who code at an elite level.

Quiztones is in its infancy, and we have tons of new and exciting features planned for its future.

If you enjoy the Pro Audio Files, please support us by purchasing Quiztones today.

iTunes Store | Quiztones Frequency Ear Training App

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. I'm probably checking Instagram if you want to say hi.

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  • Great post. I’m looking forward to where Quiztones goes. I’ve used the web-based app and really enjoyed it. Bought the app today and look forward to using it. It’ll help make commutes a bit more useful and help improve my ears.

    • Thanks Aaron, I’m truly glad you dig Quiztones!

      We have big plans for its future : )


  • Hi Dan, Thanks for providing an incredible tool to music producers like myself. It seems like the stars are aligning in your favor, I always believe this is the universe showing that you are on the right track. My productions have made a significant jump in quality after using the Quiztones flash app. As a dance music producer learning about compression is almost like learning black magic and can be quite confusing so I can’t tell you how excited I am to use the compression quizzing! Best wishes to your continued success and growth.


    • Thanks so much for the kind words Sinjun. I appreciate all your support!


  • Al

    Hi Dan,

    nice story! Actually Audiofile is one of my favorite companies for iPhone apps. I just love Fire2, that’s why I´m also looking into their other apps. That´s how I found Quiztones.

    Actually just recently I started to attend my friend´s weekly jams, and I just pick up the bass guitar and try to jam with them. But tones are a miracle to me, I just can´t tell which string matches which sound. So I hope Quiztones will help me with navigating in the world of sound!

    (I don´t do classic music education. I tried many times,many different schools and teachers, many instruments, and I just don´t like it)

    Btw, I read horrible things about iPhone app sales. Like almost no revenue but many months of work. How did this work out for Quiztones? Do you sell in the thousands?

    Thanks, have a great day!

    • Al –

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words! I shared your comment with Matthew Foust, co-owner/founder of Audiofile Engineering, and he enjoyed reading it as well.

      I truly feel like I found a great partner in them. We’re currently finishing up developing Quiztones for Mac! Coming soon.

      I hope you find Quiztones useful in sharpening your skills, and please stay in touch!


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