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You may be able tell from my blatant promotion everywhere that Quiztones is one of my main projects.

After working with Laurence Muller of Epic Windmill this summer, I’m excited to announce that Quiztones — previously exclusive to Mac & iOS — is now available for Android!

If you enjoy the free articles on The Pro Audio Files, one of the best ways you can support us is by supporting Quiztones. We appreciate it!

About Quiztones

Quiztones is a frequency ear trainer for amateur and professional audio engineers, producers, and musicians.

Quiztones uses frequency-altered tones, noise, and musical loops to train your ears and help develop more acute listening and frequency recognition skills.

  • Sharpen your ears & frequency recognition skills
  • Improve your mixing & EQ’ing chops
  • Prevent noise & frequency buildup in your mixes/recordings
  • Eliminate the need to sweep for frequencies

Where to Buy

Quiztones for iOS is available on the iOS App Store.


Quiztones for Android is available on Google Play

Quiztones for Mac is available on the Mac App Store or Audiofile Engineering Store.

Connect with Quiztones on Twitter and Facebook

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. I'm probably checking Instagram if you want to say hi.

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