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Tony Cariddi of Avid Talks Clip Effects & Pro Tools Control

David: Hi, I’m David Weiss of We’re here at Brooklyn MixCon, right here in the room. 2016 in Williamsburg at Converse Rubber Tracks. I couldn’t be more honored to be with this gentlemen right here, Tony Cariddi of Avid.

Tony, how are you?

Tony: I’ve never been better. Thank you for having me here.

David: I kind of keep feeling that same way today.

Tony: This is awesome. This is really amazing. Congratulations on another great event.

David: Thanks, Tony. Well, thanks to you and Avid for being a part of it. It meant a lot to us.

Tony: You guys bring a great group of people together.

David: Thanks. And that’s what I’m hearing. Not just the positive vibe, but how talented everyone is here.

Tony: Oh man, the talent on stage has been bar none, and the group — You know, the people that come and watch, it’s a great selection of people that are just super passionate about audio. It’s amazing.


David: Well, what is Avid showing?

Tony: So, here we’re showing Pro Tools HD Native. We’ve got the Pro Tools dock with the Pro Tools Control iOS thing going on on iPad. Pro Tools 12.6 is on there, so showing a little bit of Pro Tools collaboration, showing a little bit of the clip effects, we’re showing — you know, just kind of the latest features that we’ve released over the past nine months with Pro Tools 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, and now 12.6. So yeah, we’re showing the whole kind of product category here. It’s been awesome.

David: Awesome. Now, this is MixCon, so obviously, the world mixes on Avid, but what one thing can you point to that is making Avid and Pro Tools even more mixer friendly?

Tony: More mixer friendly? Well, you know, over the past six months or so, we’ve had a number of releases. The Clip Gain feature, the Clip Effects features are very, very mixer friendly, because it really helps expedite getting your mix to kind of getting it consistent so that when you get to the mix process, or the mix stage for whether you’re independent or if you’re a post facility, that you can really focus on bringing the mix to life, and you know, kind of making the things breathe, and getting it in balance, because all of the clip effects and the clip gain stuff really helps you, especially in a bigger project where there’s a lot of tracks. That’s what we’re seeing. Especially in post, but in music production too, you have people using tons and tons of tracks, sometimes hundreds of tracks to wrangle all of that stuff together using these Clip Effects and the Clip Gain really helps — I don’t know, it just makes it way more manageable.

Plus, you know, the free Pro Tools Control iOS app, go to the Apple Store and download it for free. It makes things really, really cool just to navigate and put your hands on your mix. So that stuff is all pretty recent. Of course, Pro Tools S3, if you want to bump things up a little bit and get 24 faders. So historically, we’ve done a lot for Pro Mixing, and we’ve had a really big success in that market. We’re doing a lot in that space.

David: Terrific, Tony. So all of those features you’re talking about are in Pro Tools 12.6, right?

Tony: Some of them were 12.6, some of them were a couple of versions back. The past few months.

David: Alright, good. Well, it’s all there for you. Tony, thanks a lot for being a part of Brooklyn MixCon.


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