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The Importance of Gratitude

Hi, it’s Warren Huart here. Hope you’re doing marvelously well.

Today, I’d like to talk about gratitude. Firstly, of course, as ever, please subscribe, go to, and try the 14 day free trial, and of course, you can download a whole bunch of free stuff as well. Some of my drum samples and loads of other fun things. Sessions you can download to mix, and drum sessions to edit drums, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Now, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude recently. There’s been a couple of really wonderful videos by other people out there. Graham Cochrane from The Recording Revolution just posted one about all of the other YouTube channels that he likes to watch, and I really enjoyed that, because I felt like that wasn’t making it about ourselves.

I think ultimately, that is the number one lesson that I’ve learned over the years is not to make it about us, but to make it inclusive.

When I’m making a record with artists, I want them all to feel like their opinion matters, so whether you’re the bass player, the drummer, the guitarist, or the lead singer, the keyboard player, the percussionist, no matter what your job is in the band, you should feel like you can bring an idea to the producer, the idea to guys like us, and we should be able to listen. I learned that first hand working with Jack Douglas.

Now, I’ve talked about Jack Douglas a lot as a mentor, and I think that’s really important, but what I want to talk about here is the gratitude for people in my life who have really, really helped me, and I think that they will really help you as well. So I’m borrowing from Graham here, and I’m going to talk about two channels in particular and two people in particular, and the first one and most importantly for me is Tim Pierce.

Tim Pierce’s channel is phenomenal, but more importantly, Tim Pierce is an amazing guy. His personality comes through in every single one of his videos. He is humble, incredibly talented, very self effacing. Has no illusions of grandeur. This guy is just all about the artist. When you enter his world and you hire him as a session player, for instance, he makes it about what is best for you.

Go watch his channel. I highly recommend it, and the reason why as a producer, engineer, and a mixer, I think it’s important to go to the musician’s channels like Tim’s, is because you’re going to get to see even more behind the glass. You’re really going to understand how working with great musicians really works.

I feel like when I watch a Tim Pierce video, I feel like I’m actually making music with Tim. It’s the same experience. It’s a calm, collective, organized thoughts, great tones, everything is laid out.

You’re also going to see his little lair. The way he works. You’ll see him sitting there with a computer and with his gear around him, and it’s very inspirational, because if you’re a guitar player, or a bass player or a keyboard player, or whatever it is, a musician that’s producing their own music, which is pretty much everybody these days, you’re going to see an effective way of working. I highly recommend it.

So go and check out Tim Pierce’s channel. More importantly, and the reason why I bring up gratitude is Tim Pierce has directed me probably better than anybody else on this planet. Over the last ten or fifteen years of working with him, and just being around him, he has kept me focused, and not just in the way that I get from Jack and Don Smith, and all of those incredible people, but much more directly, Tim’s influence in my business and my life is huge, because he really does lead by example. He practices what he preaches, he is true to his word, and his work is wonderful.


So go and check it out. As a producer, engineer, and a mixer, and a musician, you will benefit massively from checking out his videos. You’ll see the quality is unbelievable, but you’ll also get an idea of how he works, and his personality will come through, and you’ll see the humility in it, and it will really, really help you, because it helps me tremendously.

Okay, secondly, and just as important, but came a little later for me, is Scott Devine. Scott Devine has Go to Scott’s channel. Both of these links, by the way, Tim’s and Scott’s will be down below. Check it out.

Now, I don’t know if you’re bass players, I have a lot of bass players follow me. I’m very blessed, because of course I’ve interviewed Billy Sheehan, Tony Franklin, and of course, you know, in my sessions, you know, Sean Hurley’s played on them, Dan Rothschild, Brian Lang, so many incredible musicians. John Button. All of these incredible bass players have played on the recordings I’ve made, and they’ve been featured in different videos and stuff, whether I’m talking about them directly or they’re in the music.

So there’s a lot of influence from bass players, but Scott in particular, he stands above so many people out there in this crowded work, because he, like Tim, is humble and has incredible skills of just showing people his world.

He is the same person on and off camera, just like Tim is. These guys are just the real deal. I really love Scott’s channel as well, because he’s just down to business. He says, “Here’s some techniques to improve your bass playing,” and I play bass as well, and just like Tim, I watch their videos. I watch their videos, I like their videos, I practice the riffs. Tim’s one recently with the pentatonic stuff opened my world up to two or three things that I’ve never done before, and I’ve been playing guitar for a bazillion years, and I play on lots of great stuff, but I still learn, and Scott is the same way.

Scott’s stuff, his exercises are phenomenal, his groove and feel, his note placement, everything is wonderful, and more importantly, he’s a communicator like Tim that I’ve really admired. Somebody who just makes it about us.

When I was a kid, I remember going to meet my local priest, and above him, had a sign, and on that sign, it said nobody is more important than the person sitting opposite me at the moment, and it was wonderful. No matter what religion you’re in, this is not about religion, but this is about showing people — this is about being able to communicate with people and listening, and what I admire about Tim Pierce’s and Scott Devine’s channels is that I feel like when I watch them, that they are talking to me, and they are making me feel important, and my needs are being met.

It’s absolutely wonderful, but most importantly, the content on those channels is fantastic for a producer, engineer, and mixer, because if you watch those guys’ channel from a point of view of what we do, you will understand musicians ten-fold, and most of us now are players that are turning into producers and engineers and mixer and song writers.

So watch the channels, and you’ll start to see how that interaction works. Tim’s in particular, of course, has the layout of a guitar player who is practicing and playing every day on people’s music, and Scott, as a great communicator is going to take your playing up to the next level.

I highly recommend both of these channels. Check them out, from a producer, engineer, mixer’s standpoint, I learned massively from these guys, and both of them are hugely instrumental in what I do. Even just by watching their stuff, it’s elevated my game, and I can only hope to be as good a communicator as both of those guys.

So once again, check out Tim Pierce’s and Scott Devine’s channels. Thank you ever so much for watching, I really appreciate it. Have a marvelous time recording and mixing, and I hope to see you again soon.


Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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