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Software Feature: StereoMonoizer by Soundizers

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. In this one, we’re going to talk about not mixing stuff, but some software that’s going to help you prep way faster if you’re dealing with bulk stems.

There’s a new company called Soundizers. You can check out their website here. He’s got a piece of software called the Stereomonoizer, which basically, it’s going to analyze your stems, and if you’re like me, you mix a lot and you get a lot of stems from guys that create their tracks in Logic or Ableton or whatever. FL Studio.

And when they export them, they’re all stereo. So you’ve got to go through, and you’ve got to split and make them mono if they’re mono, and it just takes a ton of time, right? Especially when you’re dealing with 60+ stems, sometimes into the 100s. Whatever.

So this thing, basically you load all of your stems in, it analyzes it, spits it out mono, saves the original files, and it totally makes file management way more simple. It saves tons of hours you’re probably working. It’s really awesome. One of my new favorite things. I’m going to show it to you.

So this is their website. Check that out.

I’ve got — basically, this is what the software looks like when you first load it. What we want to do is just — I’ve got a folder here for something I actually have to mix tomorrow. Going to drop the stems in like that. All loads up here. You hit the blue analyzer button, and it’s got some options over here. Let’s just hit analyze.

It does it’s thing. Goes through each file. It’ll tell you if it needs to be converted. If it isn’t mono, it’ll tell you like this one up here, convert mono left. So so far, we’ve got one file, but I know for a fact there’s probably like, ten or twelve in here. Like all of these drums down here.

And I’m probably going to edit this. Okay, cool. So it’s done analyzing. As you can see, we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten stereo files to be converted to mono.

You can normalize if you want. If you want to choose your own custom output folder, you can check that here. It’ll create a backup so it’s going to put your original stems in its own folder so you have those. Then it’s going to put the processed ones with the others so you can import all of them real fast and you won’t have to worry about it.

It’ll give you a visual representation here too, like if we click here it’s got blue in it, so you can hit spacebar and play it.



So if it has blue in it, it’s a stereo file. All of the stereo content shows up blue, but if it’s mono, there’s no blue. Like the snare drum.


Alright. So you can actually see the stereo content as well, but let’s just highlight all of that. We’re going to process. It’s going to do it’s thing. It does it fairly quickly.

Again, this is just maybe 28 tracks or something, but you can see if you had just huge sessions this would save so much time in prep.

So it shoots up a little processing log just saying what it did. You can close that. Get rid of this for a second, and then we go here to our stems folder, and then you can see the source file. So these are the original stereo stems of the ones it converted to mono, safe and sound there, so if you ever need to go back for whatever reason, you’ve got those.

It renames them and everything. Same names. You can see today, 10/26. These are the new files it did. We just do Date Modified, we want them all up here.

Pretty cool. Anyways, I really like this piece of software. I think it’s great. Definitely check it out. Always big on supporting new small companies that are making really cool stuff that make our lives easier.

So check these guys out, and that’s all I really have.

Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed before. We’ve got new content weekly. I’m about to do another giveaway here pretty soon, I’m kind of lining that up, and yeah. I’ll see you guys in the next video.





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