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Recording Drums with Matthew Weiss [Course Excerpt]

So one other capture that’s really worth mentioning on the snare, and one that I think is undersold a lot is the capture of the port.

If you look here, there’s actually a little hole here where the air comes out. That air has a ton of low end to it. So I like to take a condenser microphone, and this is tough, because there’s a lot of air coming, so this can really overload the capsule, so you have to get the spacing right.


You want to get as much space in there as possible without losing focus on the pickup, and once you do that, you can tuck that into the snare sound for a really, really great low end. Right? Here we go. Here’s the sound of this.



Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is a Grammy nominated and Spellemann Award winning audio engineer from Philadelphia. Matthew has mixed songs for Snoop, Sonny Digital, Gorilla Zoe, Uri Caine, Dizzee Rascal, Arrested Development, 9th Wonder, !llmind & more. Get in touch:

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