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Recording a Full Song with 1 Microphone

Hello everybody, hope you’re doing marvelously well.

I’m holding a pick in my hand. Why am I holding a pick in my hand? Because I’m about to record a song. This is very exciting. Record a song with a new microphone that we’re going to try out, but first of all, please, as ever, subscribe. There’s a subscription thing down there, maybe one up here.

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So this is very exciting. Those of you that have followed me for awhile or those of you that are fresh might know that one of my favorite mics I recommend is a Lewitt LCT550. I’ll make it quick. The story goes, a few years ago, I wanted to get a matched pair of microphones, and somebody recommended the LCT550, because it had a super low noise floor. Like, really, really quiet. Meaning I could use it in every situation.

I could use it on a mandolin, I could use it on a violin, I could use it on a loud drum kit, I could use it on a piano, vocal, everything. But I wanted a relatively inexpensive pair of microphones, so I got a pair of LCT550s.

Now, Lewitt have brought out this, which is the LCT540 Subzero. I think the Subzero has to with the fact that yes, once again, they have created a microphone which is ridiculously quiet.

Here’s the case. Nice case. I think the retail is $699. So what’s nice about this mic is it’s got zero, but then a minus six, then minus 12 pad. It’s going to be very useful for us with of course high passing at 60 and 160, and then flat here at the top.

This is going to be very useful for us, because I’m going to use it on multiple sources. I’m going to use it on a vocal, I’m going to use it on acoustic guitar, I’m going to use it on electric guitar, I’m going to use it on bass guitar, and I’m going to use it on drums. On drums, we’ll probably immediately go to minus six, on electrics being loud, we might even go to a minus 12, but we’re going to end up using this on everything, so you’re going to hear it on drums, you’re going to hear it on bass guitar, you’re going to hear it on a piano, on a vocal, acoustic guitar, the whole shebang.

The mono drums are going to be recorded by our friend, Matt Starr. I’m sure you know Matt Starr. I met him from working with Ace Frehley, and he’s now the current drummer for Mr. Big. Wonderful drummer. We’re going to go over the shoulder, over the floor tom, mono drum mic. Everything is going to be recorded with this mic alone — an Audient iD4 and the UK Sound 1173, which those of you that follow me will know, it’s a 1073 with an 1176, and those component wise alone would be like, $4,000 or $5,000 to put together.


So we’ve put together a version that’s a lot less money. It’s got a VU meter on it. It’s really cool. So everything is going to be recorded using this mic, the 1173, and the iD4.

So relatively inexpensive. Not completely free obviously, but it’s just proving that you can make and record a song with one microphone, one mic pre/compressor, and one I/O. To be honest, I could bypass the mic pre/compressor and just use the I/O, but I’m cheating. I want to hear the sound of an 1176 compressor.

There’s a little nifty feature here. Unfortunately we’re not plugged in at the moment, where you — it actually has a peak indicator, so it will tell you if during a recording, it peaked.

Also, there’s an automatic attenuator, which means it will listen, and then decide if it needs to be padded.

Please make sure to go to the blog associated with this. You can read the blog and there’s a lot more tech talk there as well. Me, I like doing these videos showing you how to record a song using one mic.

Let’s get going. A rather nifty magnetic pop screen. It just drops into place. Look at that. Off, and on. Beautiful. Yay! Go Lewitt, go Lewitt.

So a little background on this song. I wrote this with Buck Johnson, who’s an old friend of mine, who’s the current keyboard player with Aerosmith. In those days he wasn’t, we had a band together and we wrote a bunch of songs together. This has been covered by a few people, so you’ll be able to find it online if you do a search. The great thing is they’re giving this mic to us to give away, so check out the song obviously that we’re recording, download the files, all kinds of good stuff, and let’s get started.



Warren Huart

Warren Huart

Warren Huart is an English record producer/musician/composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more at

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