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Plugin Feature: UBK Sly-Fi Kaya

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. This is our third in the Sly-Fi plug-in series. If you haven’t checked out the other two, I’m going to have links below.

This plug-in is called — I’m probably going to mess this up. The Kay-uh? The Kai-uh? It’s a distortion box. You can read and detail about it here on the website.

Basically this guy, Husky Höskulds, took an old Ampex tube tape deck, hardwired the preamp straight in the tape head, and it gets this really swampy, heavy, dark, fuzzy distortion thing to it, and then Greg tweaked it as he normally does, and then you get this thing.

There’s only one of these, I think Greg has it in his garage or something.

But it’s really cool on low end stuff. I have it on a kick drum here.

[kick with no distortion]

So that’s like, with no distortion.

[kick with distortion]

So you’ve got movement, which obviously has to do with tape flutter or something, which kind of adds just a crazy vibe to it.

[kick with distortion]

Obviously, treble, which is kind of like a tone control. Breakup is what you think it is.

[kick, adjusting controls]


Then there’s an Abuse knob, which does exactly what you’d think that would do.

[kick, adjusting abuse knob]

It gets really crazy on low endy things.

Output knob. You’ve got a meter in the center, and then there’s a blend section.

[kick, adjusting controls]


Great for getting things to just kind of poke through a dense mix like this.

Check this out, it’s really cool when you need a distortion plug-in. The other two plug-ins are great as well. Definitely check them out. The link is below.

Again, super musical like everything Greg makes. I have nothing but really awesome things to say about this. Really unique stuff. Check out the website if you haven’t., where you can demo this stuff, buy it, check it out for yourself.

Let me know what you like to use these things on. I’ve just been super excited. I’ve been using them for about a week now, and they’re on everything I’ve worked on. I’m really into dark, vibey, fuzzy sounds, and I think these are great tools to sort of make stuff hit hard and loud and punch, but still not be crazy harsh, when you sort of use these plug-ins subtly in various ways.

Anyways, let me know what you think. I’ll see you guys in the next video, and take care.




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