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Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ

Hey, what’s up? I’ve got a screencast over some new plug-ins that just dropped. Not plug-ins, but plug-in, singular.

Kush Audio makes really great stuff. Hardware and plug-ins. They’ve got two plug-ins, they’ve got a bunch of hardware stuff. It’s all awesome. Small company, doing great things. Totally support it.

This is the Clariphonic, it’s a parallel equalizer. DSP was done by Studio Devil, the GUI by UBK as you can see, and it models their hardware unit. It does the same thing.

It’s a parallel equalizer, so what does that mean? Well, it works in parallel with the original signal that’s intact. You know how sometimes you can get phase issues when you boost too much on an EQ any you start getting really aggressive with it, bad things can happen that way?

You don’t have that when you work in parallel. So you retain the original signal, and you’re just sort of adding to it behind. Sort of like parallel compression. You’ve probably heard that term before.

They also make another plug-in that does parallel compression, we’ll look over that in a different tutorial.

You can demo this. It came out fairly recently. Someone just turned me onto it, and I wanted to kind of walk through it with you. It’s got sort of ten, twelve different settings here. It sounds pretty cool.

I’ve got it on my mix buss and let’s just kind of walk through the GUI here that you’re seeing.

It’s got two main sections. Here on the left is the focus section. You’ve got your main knob to where you can cake in more signal. It’s got — over on the left, it’s got two different sides. The main settings — right now it’s on out, so it’s not in at all. Then you can flip it to tight, or you can flip it to diffused.

Then within each of those, you get an option to either — for open or lift. That’s the focus side.

The clarity side, you’ve got your knob to cake it in, and then it defaults it out, and you can go left or right with it, and you basically have four different options. So presence, sheen, shimmer, or silk, and we’ll get into it and listen to it.

Large in the center is basically a bypass. It turns it on and off.

I’ve got it — so we’re over on the mix buss. This is what it sounds like without the EQ engaged.


Alright. Let’s play with clarity first. I’m going to go presence, and we’ll work our way through here.

[mix with Clariphonic on Presence]

Definitely a lot of top end magic going on. Bypass it.

[mix, Clariphonic bypassed]

Crank it up so it’s easier to hear.


Really nice, airy, super top end-y stuff. It definitely adds presence.

Let’s check out sheen.

[mix with Clariphonic on Sheen]

So not as harsh, not as in your face. A little rounder.


Again, this is on the mix buss. I’m going to exaggerate things so it’s a little easier to hear. You never want to go too crazy, but you can use this thing on drums, strings, all kinds of stuff.


Alright, so let’s go to the other side and check out shimmer.

[mix with Clariphonic on Shimmer]

Smoother top end, a little warmer top end, a little rounder top end.


It really kind of widens it. It kind of — I hear it a lot on the sides. Not that it doesn’t do anything in the center, but definitely on the sides.


Sort of opening it up.


Let’s go to silk.

[mix with Clariphonic on Silk]

So super smooth. That’s nice. I like silk.



At least on this track.


Seems like at least on this track, you can get a little more liberal — Like, if you’re going to rate these settings from Present to Silk from sort of roundness or warmth or aggressiveness, we’ll go with aggressive, presence being 10, and silk being 1. You know, 1-10 would be silk, shimmer, sheen, presence, because if we flip it back over to presence with it cranked…

[mix with Clariphonic set to Presence]

It’s crazy. Which could be cool in some situations. Then if we want silk…

[mix with Clariphonic set to Silk]

That just sounds beautiful.


Super cool. So that’s the Clarity side.

Flip this out. And you can use both of these sides in conjunction, I’m just going to kind of isolate them now so you can see what it’s doing. Focus.

So let’s go tight first and we’ll go lift. Here we go.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Lift and Tight]

Definitely brings focus in. I kind of hear it down the center. It wants to pull my ear more towards the center. Like it’s focusing it.


Let’s check out open, tight.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Open and Tight]

That’s nice. Not quite as aggressive.


A little more natural sounding maybe.


Back to lift.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Lift]

Let’s check out diffuse. So this is diffuse with the lift setting engaged.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Diffuse and Lift]

Alright. Diffuse and open.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Diffuse and Open]

Kind of that silky smooth for the center.


So let’s throw — let’s go tight and open.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Tight and Open]

So you get a little bit of harshness in the center.

Then let’s try silk on the clarity.

[mix with Clariphonic set to Silk and Clarity]


Anyways, you can do some really cool stuff. We could play with this for hours, but I’m going to cut it short here.

Check it out. You can demo it for free for ten days. Their plug-ins are priced really well, really competitively I think, and they do really great things. This is an example of a plug-in that’s not just another EQ. Like, you could buy this and you could use it, and it would make an impact. It’s not just another EQ. There’s a billion EQs out there that all do the same thing.

This is unique. This does some really cool stuff. You could use it in mastering, you could use it on your mix buss like I’m using it. If you do grouping where you do drum and bass, or grouping like instruments, you could throw it there, you could throw it on strings, you could throw it — I don’t know, you could throw it anywhere. You could throw it on background vocals and do some really cool stuff with top end airiness. I don’t know. Get creative with it.

Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. Check out the other videos, and I’ve got more stuff coming. Later.




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