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iZotope’s Lexie Morgan on What Makes Neutron Different [MixCon Video]

David: Hi, I’m David Weiss of, and we’re at Brooklyn MixCon 2016 at Converse Rubber Tracks in wonderful Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m here today with Lexie Morgan from iZotope. Lexie, how’s it going?

Lexie: It’s going really great! Yeah, it’s awesome to be here at MixCon.

David: Terrific. What is new, latest, and greatest with iZotope?

Lexie: Well, I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t talk about Neutron. Neutron is our latest mix plugin. We worked really hard on it, and basically what you’re getting is a really souped up channel strip, with some of our greatest technical improvements. So I definitely suggest everyone check it out.

David: Right, when I saw Neutron for the first time, I was like, “Where was this when I was mixing all day, every day? Because it really would’ve saved me a lot of time.” It wouldn’t have made me any less of a mixer, it’s a real professional tool.


Lexie: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we talk to a lot of people when we’re developing a new product, and we definitely hear about everyone’s time constraint problems, and so for us, we know what the fun thing is, and like, with Neutron, what we definitely want to do is save people the time and let them really do the creative things they want to do, rather than having to spend a lot of time doing, you know, a lot more of the just work bits.

David: Right, well it’s a terrific new product, and I think it’s right in line with what iZotope does, which is find different ways to approach mixing. It’s a really different way of thinking about it, and it’s going to take your mixes to new places. So do check it out. Where should they visit you?

Lexie: Definitely come check us out at Like with any of our other products, you can definitely download Neutron or Neutron Advanced for ten days free, so definitely try it before you buy it, and let us know what you think!

David: Alright, demo Neutron. Thanks a lot, Lexie. Great to see you. Thanks for being at Brooklyn MixCon, and we’ll catch you soon!

Lexie: Thank you!


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