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Introducing: Anatomy of a Mix with Brad Wood


Introducing, Anatomy of a Mix with Brad Wood. Featuring the song Hurricane by Katey Laurel.


In this latest course from Pro Mix Academy, you’ll go over the shoulder of producer, engineer, Brad Wood. From Liz Phair and Sunny Day Real Estate to Pete Yorn and The Smashing Pumpkins, Brad’s unique ear and mixing style will transform your approach to mixing records.

Simply put, you’ll see every move Brad made to go from this…

[music, raw mix]

To this.


[final mix]

From drums and bass to piano, guitars, and vocals, you’ll discover new ways to transform your own mixes and productions. Plus, with the included multi-tracks, you can mix a song for yourself, and add it to your resume to help your studio business grow.

In this Pro Mix Academy exclusive, you’ll also see producer/engineer David Glenn mix the same song.


Two mixers, one song, two completely different results. Anatomy of a Mix with Brad Wood and David Glenn. Only available at



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