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How to Import Loops in Pro Tools 11

What’s up, guys? Welcome to a new video. It’s been a little while. I wanted to kind of get back to the basics. I was putting together a track, and I was using loops and I was importing them.

I thought I’d do a quick video on how I sort of import loops into Pro Tools and use them in my sessions. You can use what’s called the “Workspace window,” which if you’re into shortcuts, Alt or Option+Semicolon will bring it up. It looks like this. Or you can go to Window, Workspace, and bring up a new one.

What you want to do is you’re going to want to create — say we want to import an audio loop. This will work with any .wav file, any loop that you have. You’re going to make an audio track, and we’re going to name this “loop 3.” Again, this is going to be a super quick one. I’ll bring up my window again.

I can go into my external drive here, go to my drum samples, and I’ve got a ton of stuff, and we’ll go check out some That Sound samples. This company is awesome. They’re here in Nashville. I Want That Sound. Go check these guys out. They’ve got a bunch of drum sample loop libraries and all kinds of stuff. Kicks, snares, toms, stomps, claps, different vibes.

So go to Future Drums, loops, loops .wav, and now as it is now, you have this window. You can go through all of your loops. If you click this, um…

[loop plays]

Obviously play the loop. If you want to just for playback to audition, you can turn it down a little bit.

[loop plays]

So — but if we want to hear what it’ll sound like at the tempo of this session, which is 100 bpm, click this little metronome button here and make it green.

[loop plays at 100 bpm]

You’re going to get it in the tempo of this track.


[loop plays]

So let’s just say for, you know, sake of demonstration, that’s what I want to use.

I really just drag it down to your track you made, which is what, this loop 3? And I’m in Grid mode, so it pretty much syncs it to the tempo perfectly, and you can close that. I’m going to clip this gain down.


And that’s it, man. Again, super easy. Option+Semicolon. There’s a helicopter outside. I don’t know if you can hear that, but it’s really loud.

Anyways, I lost my train of thought. That’s it! Again, Option+Semicolon brings up the window. Find your samples and then just drag them to your new track you create, and it automatically syncs them up as long as you have this little metronome icon engaged.

It makes it really fast. There’s no more elastic timing things to the grid, and it taking awhile. I like to work this way if I’m doing pre-production or trying to put down just a song structure really fast if I’m working with writers. I don’t want to spend, like, 45 minutes programming a beat. I just want to grab stuff and throw it in just to see if the song’s going to work to begin with.

Anyways, hope you learned something. A little back to basics. I’m probably going to be doing more of these kind of videos here, along with some mixing stuff too. I’ve got some stuff planned.

So anyways, thanks for watching. Hit the subscribe button, like the video, find us on all of the social media stuff, wherever you are. All the links are below, and I will see you in the next video.





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