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How to Create a Telephone Effect in Pro Tools

Hey, what’s up, guys? I’ve got a quick video for you this week, I wanted to show you how to do a radio effect across really any sound source, but in this example, I’m going to put it across my mix buss.

I’m going to play this track for you so you can hear what I’m talking about. Here we go.


So it’s a real kind of lo-fi thing, and there’s a couple of elements to that. One is a spatial thing, and one is an EQ move.

First things first, Cambridge EQ from Universal Audio. If you kind of want that telephone effect, this is a preset I’ve pulled up, I tweaked it. Basically, any EQ with high and low pass filters can do this. With your high pass filter, maybe go to 500Hz-ish. Anywhere from 300-500.

Low pass filtered, You can probably come down to 5kHz, 4kHz, you can make it more narrow, more wide, there’s a lot of tweaking you can do.

So that’s the first move. You’ve got to get the EQ setup, and that’s what’s going to give you that mid-range, lo-fi sounding vibe. The other thing is a spatial thing.


I like to throw it in mono, and in order to do that, I use this Waves S1 stereo imager, and I just take this width slider, pull it all the way down. It makes it mono, and that’s really what kind of brings it in. Most older recordings are in mono, so it kind of really clues your ears in to what’s going on.

Once that’s setup, it’s just a matter of automating the mutes, which if you don’t know how to automate, every plug-in has these automation controls, and you just add — click which function you want to add over. I’ve added the master bypass. Then if you go over here to my track, pops up, master bypass, and you can see where I’ve automated the mute on the Imager and the EQ.

Then when you play it, it sounds like this.


And there you have it, guys. Really creative thing to do. Vocals, you hear this all of the time, you can do it across the mix buss, like I have here, you can do it on drums and a bridge, you could do all kinds of stuff with it.

Again, filtering is a really powerful thing. So maybe take that, hope it sparks some inspiration, throw it in your other mixes, subscribe to us on the channel if you haven’t already. We try to do new videos, regular content every week.

Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all of that stuff is down in the description, and I will see you next time. Thanks, guys. Bye.




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