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Hey, what’s up guys? I’ve got another blog for you and wanted to answer a question I get asked a lot on here about headphones and what kind of headphones you should buy and are these headphones better than these headphones.

I can tell you that every pro audio producer, musician guy I know, for the most part, has a different pair of headphones. Everybody swears their headphones sound the best. I really think it comes down to how well you know your headphones, and this can relate to studio monitors too.

Pretty much my rule is don’t buy your headphones at Best Buy. So no Beats by Dre, they sound horrible. I mean, you’re pretty much paying $300, $200 for the cool factor, but they pretty much sound like crap. There’s no way you can mix or reference anything on those.

As well as ear buds. I would never get ear buds. Even some of the higher end Sony stuff I wouldn’t really recommend.

I have had — I had one set of Bose, and I got them I don’t know how long ago it was. It was when they first came out at Target, their high end Bose headphones. They were like, $150, and they actually sounded pretty good, and I used those for awhile until my room mate broke them.

What I use is I have these AKGs, these K240s. I think they’re like $100. You can find them for $75 on Amazon, and I know them well. I’ve used the forever and they’re pretty flat, they’re pretty true, and I’ve listened to a ton of records on them, and that’s kind of the key is I know how things are supposed to sound on those headphones, so they sound good elsewhere.

Same thing with my monitors here.

And that’s the key. AKG makes great stuff, Audio Technica makes great stuff, and then if you want to go higher into $300 whatever, go to Guitar Center. I say take $100 to $200, hit up your friends, try to find three different brands that you trust, and go with those, and just find some stuff that you feel that you like and stick with them for like, two years. You’ll get really comfortable.


I take mine with me everywhere. These are open back, so they do sound a little better. Isolation isn’t really a big deal for me. It’s not really something I care about.

I will say though, I wouldn’t really use these for tracking. I have some closed over the ear headphones that have pretty good isolation. That way, you’re not dealing with a lot of click bleed from the microphone.

Other than that — that and I think when you’re tracking, sonic integrity isn’t as huge of a factor. You know? Like, you really just need a picture — you’re pretty much just playing with the track and need to tell characteristically what’s going on, but regardless, find a pair you like. I don’t care what it is, just don’t get the Beats. Don’t get ear buds.

Spend $100, spend $150 and you know, it’s one of those things that even if you’re not an audio guy, if you’re a musician, I think it’s important to have one good pair of headphones to listen to records on.

So with that, I’m done and I’ve got some new videos coming. I’ve got some new premium content coming. Like the video, subscribe if you haven’t subscribed, you know, I try to create new content every week. I’ve got some new screencasts on the way.

Anyways, thanks and we’ll see you in the next one.




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