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Audio Engineers Talk Audio Challenges on Game of Thrones

There’s a lot of challenging dialogue in Game of Thrones, from costumes to weather.

We can actually fix things and save production that they thought wasn’t going to be salvageable.

A lot of things that I used to use other tools for, I now turn to RX.


Probably one of the most iconic moments in Game of Thrones where iZotope really helped — in episode 9 of Season 6, Battle of Bastards, that scene was very noisy when I got it.

Before we really got into that scene, and if you had listened to it, they were not too far from a freeway, which no, you can’t have those sounds creeping in on this show.

RX did need to be used to really dial out that traffic and get rid of some of that noise.


Everything uses RX. The amount of lines that don’t get touched by RX per episode is probably fewer than 20. I think the scenes where you see the most significant difference, you know, where you might say, a dramatic difference, are the exteriors, you know, where you have wind problems.

There’s a lot of armor movement and creaking.

There’s quite a few actors that change their performance from take to take.

We definitely have our dry mouthed characters.

Some have very whistly teeth, and de-essing becomes a real issue, so when they get killed off the show, it’s a happy ending for me. [laughs]

You know, I mean there are some other tools out there, but RX is just the go-to, it’s the go-to at this point. It’s definitely become the industry standard. I don’t know a dialogue editor that doesn’t have it. It’s just become kind of assumed that they have it, and these problems that people know can be fixed with it will be fixed with it before it hits the dub stage.




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