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Dan Physics of Alto Music Brooklyn on Finding a Better Way to Demo Gear [MixCon]

David: How’s it going? I’m David Weiss of We’re making the rounds at Brooklyn MixCon 2016. I’m here now with Dan Physics from Alto Music Brooklyn. Dan, how are you?

Dan: Doing alright, how are you doing?

David: Recently, Alto Music opened up a new showroom in Brooklyn. Alto Music Brooklyn. Tell me what that facility is like.

Dan: Well, basically, it’s a smaller, sort of retail arm of Alto Music, which is, you know, a larger music store, organization, sort of semi-upstate New York. The focus point of the Brooklyn location is a little more concentric around recording, whether that be hobbyist to high end. The idea is not to be just the standard fish bowl retail idea, but more of a private showroom demonstration facility, where you have the demo rooms really nice and controlled, and we built an acoustic kind of environment where you can come in and it’s not the wall-of-death at your other big box retail locations. You know, the speaker wall-of-death, rather. Or just noisy where somebody is playing Sweet Child of Mine a half step flat on repeat at 11 while you’re trying to figure out, “Is this compressor the right thing for me?”

That’s sort of the environment that we wanted to build without the music Brooklyn, specifically. So that’s the idea. Everything sort of wired up, come in, bring a drive, you can listen to stuff. It’s not high pressure. You know, like sales or anything like that.

David: Dan, how did you find yourself to be in the Pro Audio sector? Why is it that this is the aspect of music and retail that you like to be working in?


Dan: Well, I guess I just sort of happened to find, like, that I had a knack for it, you know? I mean, my background is in making records, and especially with electronic music is a lot of what my background is. Travelled extensively doing professional DJing for a long time. Also again, making Dance records, and also working on other projects in various studios, and I guess I just found myself in need of a job once at some point, and I ended up working at Guitar Center in Manhattan, and just found out I was kind of good at it, and I guess I’ve been doing it since.

David: Alright. I can tell you that if you do get to Alto Music Brooklyn, Dan will treat you to a listening session that is epic. He’s got some songs in that playlist, reference material that you’re going to be like, “Oh boy,” because you couldn’t pry me out of there, right? That time, I was like, “One more, one more, one more.”

So alright, where can the find you?

Dan: Well, they can find me either — you know, at the shop, which is in Greenpoint. 67 West Street. Or email me, I’m usually — I get my emails on my phone. I’m kind of attached to that as like, a third appendage.

David: He’ll write you right back, I guarantee it. Terrific. Well Dan, thanks so much to you and Alto Music Brooklyn for being a part of Brooklyn MixCon. Thanks a lot. Alright Dan, catch you soon!


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