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15 Best Sales on Courses, Plugins & More

The big sales are back and there’s no better time to invest in yourself.

Whether you want to get better mixes by learning from the best online courses, or level up your studio’s capabilities by upgrading your plugins and gear, now is the best time to do it and save yourself a ton of money.

If you’re ready to create better music, get better mixes, and make your clients happier, jump on these sales now before they’re gone …


40% off Sonarworks Reference 4

Sonarworks Reference 4 is magic. It removes unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones, and is the kind of software you have to hear to believe. Start your free trial to hear for yourself what it can do to improve the gear you already have.

Up to 80% off hundreds of items at Sweetwater

We all know Sweetwater. They carry pretty much everything you could ever want as a musician, engineer or producer. There’s currently hundreds of items on sale, so now is the perfect time to stock up. Check out our recent gift guide for some ideas.


32% off Yearly Membership on The Pro Audio Files

For a limited time (and the first time ever), we’re offering yearly memberships on our membership site which gives you instant access to 50+ premium courses (165+ hours of training — $2500 value). Includes multitracks for practice and we’re adding new courses every month. If you’re serious about increasing the quality of your mixes, masters and productions, sign up today.

80% off The Everything Bundle from Pro Mix Academy

An insane bundle featuring over 36 incredible courses (100+ hours of in-depth training) from world-class instructors including dozens of Grammy-Winning engineers and producers. Includes multitracks so you can practice alongside each course.

40% off The Workshop Series from Matthew Weiss

The Workshop Series features nine in-depth video tutorials (7+ hours) on specific mixing topics. Learn new techniques, increase your confidence and improve your mixes.

70% off The Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle

A collection of seven in-depth courses from some of the best rock mixers in the industry. They reveal their best tips, tricks and techniques for getting great rock mixes so you can increase your knowledge and improve your own mixes.

50% The Ultimate EDM Mixing Course

An in-depth course all about producing and mixing EDM. If you want to drastically speed up your learning curve, get your music sounding as good as your favorite artists & producers and create world-class mixes, this course is for you.

30% off Mixing Breakthroughs (code: BF30)

Mixing Breakthroughs concisely distills the most essential mixing concepts into an engaging four hour course so you can learn fast and focus on what truly matters: drastically leveling up the quality of your mixes.

30% off Mastering Demystified (code: BF30)

Mastering Demystified is a 4+ hour course that teaches you everything you need to know about audio mastering. Learn the tools, techniques and mindsets to consistently get great-sounding masters every time. Whether you’re mastering your own music, mastering for others, or even just working with a professional engineer for the first time, this course is for you.

20% off Producing & Recording Guitar (code: BF20)


There are many variables that impact the tone and quality of a guitar recording. From setup, string gauge, amps and pickups, to processing, effects and miking techniques — Producing & Recording Guitar breaks it all down with 9+ hours of training. You’ll learn how to effortlessly create incredible guitar tone and take your mixes, productions, performances and recordings to the next level.

20% off Synthesis 101 (code: BF20)

Synthesis 101 features 4+ hours of in-depth training on all aspects of sound synthesis. From fundamentals to advanced concepts, learn different methods and types of synthesis, how to create and manipulate them, and how you can apply them to improve your own music.

20% off Mixing Drums (code: BF20)

Learn effective techniques for getting the most out of your drum sound, and how to adapt these strategies to develop your own unique approach to getting better drum mixes that sound full, powerful, clear and memorable.

20% off Mixing Pop (code: BF20)

Learn how to craft a great sounding pop mix, starting with unpacking the producer’s rough mix and taking it all the way to polished professional-sounding record. Lush vocals, hard-hitting drums, exciting effects, beautiful synths, competitive loudness and more — you’ll learn it all.


25% off Quiztones EQ ear training for Mac

Train your ears and improve your mixes with Quiztones frequency ear training apps for audio engineers, producers and musicians. Quiztones uses tones, noise and frequency-altered music loops (including songs from your own music library) to train your ears so you can mix, record and produce like a pro.

Up to 80% off Soundtoys plugins

Our contributors love Soundtoys plugins. And for good reason! They’re some of the most fun, creative and best-sounding plugins available. If you’ve been waiting to check them out, this is the best time to do it.

Up to 60% off UAD plugins

Our contributors also love UAD Plugins. Universal Audio is widely known for their incredible hardware and some of the best sounding analog emulation plugins on the market. They’re releasing new deals every day through November 30th, so don’t miss out.

Up to 70% off Plugin Alliance plugins

Plugin Alliance has a huge collection of fantastic plugins from companies like Brainworx, Elysia, SPL and more. Check out their site to browse a wide variety of great deals happening now through the end of November.

Up to 70% off Eventide plugins

Eventide has always been known for quality audio effects and they’ve recently put out some phenomenally cool plugins like MangledVerb and Blackhole that enable you to create stunning, other-worldy effects for your music. All their plugins are currently on sale.

Check back soon for more!

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