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17 Best Sales on Courses, Plugins & More

The big sales are back and there’s no better time to invest in yourself.

Whether you want to get better mixes by learning from the best online courses, or level up your studio’s capabilities by upgrading your plugins and gear, now is the best time to do it and save yourself a ton of money.

If you’re ready to create better music, get better mixes, and make your clients happier, jump on these sales now before they’re gone …

🎉 Featured Sale

40% off Sonarworks Reference 4

Sonarworks Reference 4 is magic. It removes unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones, and is the kind of software you have to hear to believe. Start your free trial to hear for yourself what it can do to improve the gear you already have.

🎛️ Plugin Deals

  1. Up to 80% off Soundtoys plugins
  2. Up to 75% off iZotope plugins and bundles
  3. Up to 70% off Plugin Alliance plugins
  4. Up to 75% off Eventide plugin bundles
  5. 50% off Sonnox Plugins
  6. 40% off Sonarworks Reference 4
  7. Up to 60% off UAD plugins
  8. Free UAD Plugins with Twin or Arrow
  9. Free UAD Satellite with any Apollo Rack

🎓Courses & More

65% off The Complete Bundle by Matthew Weiss

The complete collection of mixing courses from Matthew Weiss. You get 25+ in-depth training courses… plus for a limited time all future releases are included — FREE.

63% off The Workshop Series by Matthew Weiss

Want to spend less time “studying” and more time mixing? THIS could be your shortcut to pro mixes (with the gear you already have). The Workshop Series features 11 in-depth video tutorials (9+ hours) on specific mixing topics. Learn new techniques, increase your confidence and improve your mixes.

60% off Mixing Home Recordings by Matthew Weiss

Discover the fastest way to get good enough at mixing to finally make your home recordings sound on par with commercial records—or even better.

33% off Mixing Breakthroughs (code: BF33)

Mixing breakthroughs is a four hour course that dives deep into teaching you how to become a better mix engineer. You’ll learn techniques, mindsets and approaches for getting better mixes.


33% off Mastering Demystified (code: BF33)

This 4+ hour course teaches you everything you need to know about audio mastering. Learn the tools, techniques and mindsets to consistently get great-sounding masters every time. Whether you’re mastering your own music, mastering for others, or even just working with a professional engineer for the first time, this course is for you.

33% off Mixing Drums (code: BF33)

Learn effective techniques for getting the most out of your drum sound, and how to adapt these strategies to develop your own unique approach to getting better drum mixes that sound full, powerful, clear and memorable.

30% off Making Sound eBook

19 chapters filled with practical techniques for sound design, music production, mixing and more. Quickly gain new perspectives that will increase your inspiration and spark your creativity. Use the 95 additional tips to add new sparkle, polish and professionalism to your mixing and music production.


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Dan Comerchero

I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Connect with me on Instagram here.

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Download a FREE 40-minute tutorial from Matthew Weiss on mixing low end.

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