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New Course: Synthesis 101 with Phil Mantione

I’m super excited to share our brand new course: Synthesis 101

In this 4+ hour in-depth tutorial, Phil Mantione dives deep into the what, why and how of various methods and types of synthesis so you can effortlessly get the sounds out of your head and into your song.

Have you always been a bit mystified by synths? You know how powerful they can be and you’ve heard these massive sounds in your favorite songs, but maybe you don’t have the confidence to create and manipulate synth sounds from scratch or customize and improve presets.

You’ll walk away from this course with that exact knowledge and confidence.

I was recently introduced to Phil, a professor at The Art Institute of California, and when he sent me this course, I had a great feeling about it.

From the essential basics to advanced creative concepts, you’ll not only learn the technical theory, but creative practical applications you can immediately apply to your own music …

  • Develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals of sound
  • Increase your confidence to effortlessly build synth sounds from scratch
  • Learn the essential concepts of different types of sound synthesis
  • Gain an understanding of over 15 different methods of synthesis
  • Manipulate and adjust existing presets to suit your sonic needs
  • Learn about different types of sound waves and their characteristics
  • Understand frequency, harmonics, waveforms, amplitude and more
  • Intuitively know which synths to reach for in different sonic contexts
  • Effortlessly manipulate oscillators, modulation, envelopes and filters

SPECIAL OFFER: Since you’re reading this and we love you, you can get 25% off by entering the code SYNTH25 at checkout for the next 72 hours.

There’s also three bonuses included with the course right now including presets, Logic templates and standalone educational apps designed by Phil in Max/MSP.


I truly think this is one of our best releases yet, and I’m excited super excited for you to check it out and take your productions to the next level.

➥ Learn more about Synthesis 101

Sound Synthesis 101

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